Best Destinations When You're visiting Thailand and Activities You Must Avoid

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Traveling to Thailand can never be boring, even if you've explored Thailand before, there are tons of places left unseen. Every corner of the country has so much to explore, and there are too many things you can enjoy. Its places, its culture, its people, and the tribes make the nation diverse enough to keep exploring with joy. 



If you're planning on going to Thailand soon and thinking about what things you shouldn't miss, this article is for you. Whether you're a new guy to Thailand or not, this article will get you through the things you should do in Thailand. Exploring Thailand can become a disaster if you don't know what to avoid here; so, I'll give you the No-go things as well.

Places you must Visit in Thailand

Let's make one thing clear; Thailand has considerably visitable spots all over the country. But you cannot visit all of Thailand in one trip unless you're staying here for months! Here are the most important spots that you'll regret later if you don't visit for sure:

Bankok: the obvious

Bangkok is the most obvious place you should explore first once you're in Thailand. As the capital of Thailand, this place holds on too many things in every corner. you can explore hundreds of Temples in Bangkok including the Emerald Buddha Temple. The most sacred Buddhist temples are located in Bangkok, such as The Temple of Dawn, The temple of the reclining Buddha, The Golden mount Temple and so on. The list goes on. There are other places here as well, such as the Central World mall, Siam Paragon, The Terminal 21, MBK, The Chatuchak Market, The platinum mall, and so on. 

Koh Lipe: A true beauty

Thailand is a land of beautiful beaches that you cannot just compare with the others around the world. One of the most famous Islands in Thailand is the Koh Lipe island in the Malaysia-Thailand Border. Going there may take the most effort among the other islands, but the hassle worth it without any doubt. While leaving the IslandIsland, make sure you take a visit to the Tarutao National Park near Koh Lipe. 

Chiang Mai: The city of art and culture

This is the best city to enjoy the real beauty of the culture and history of Thailand. You can greet yourself with the delicious traditional food of Thailand here. There are so many places here to visit and explore the heritage of Thailand. Chiang Mai is the district where there are uncountable tourist spots available, including Doi Suthep mountain. Make sure you visit The Night Bazaar, Wat Phra Singh, the tribe with a long neck, Doi Inthanon national park around the city. People of Chiang Mai took the Songkran festival to another level, make sure you have a party at that time. Visit the Umbrella Village in Bo Sang and have a picnic at the Hot Springs in San Kamphaeng. 

Krabi Island: The picture-perfect beach

You can call the Krabi sea beach a picture-perfect one without giving it a second thought once you see it. There are limestone cliffs that are surrounding the beach, which you may have seen in pictures. The main tourist's beach is the Princess Bay or the Ao Nang. Get on a boat here and do rock climbing for maximum enjoyment. Krabi island has its own ferry connection with Koh Lanta, Phuket, so you have multiple islands in one trip. You can get the most beautiful Thailand Images from this place to share on Instagram. 

Phi Phi Islands: Your Instagram Picture

You can take a boat and go to Phi Phi Island from Krabi Island easily. The famous Maya Bay is on this IslandIsland where the famous movie "The beach" took place, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. If you come to the Phi Phi island, don't miss the long beach and the monkey beach. Make sure you go for the trek in the Phi Phi Viewpoint as well; it has an amazing experience to offer. 

Phuket: Peace on its pick

If you like to have a nice cup of coffee, sitting on a beach-side resort, Phuket is the place in Thailand. Phuket is well known as the paradise of the travelers for its 5-star hotel service at a very low price. Phuket is also popular for its connection system; it has its own airport, world-class shopping malls, and so on. It also contains a vibe of the local culture, foods, and festivals. Take the best sunset photos from Thailand on Phuket Island as a souvenir. 

Koh Samui: mother nature

Koh Samui is the most beautiful coast of Thailand; it's an upscale rival for Phuket as it's beating the beauty of Phuket. Its the largest IslandIsland in the Gulf of Thailand and the second largest one in all Thailand. It's the place to explore the Mu Koh National Pak and so many small islands all over the coast.

Things you must avoid in Thailand

Whenever visiting a country, respecting its culture and heritage is the foremost responsibility. Respecting people's feelings and treating their belief system is severely important. Here are the things that you must not do while visiting Thailand: 

Don't touch people's head

Although it's not usual to touch people's heads, touching Thai people's heads has another explanation. They believe that the head is the cleanest part of one's body, and nobody should touch it. So, be very careful not to touch people's heads while walking in Thailand's road. Touching or hugging the monks is even more dangerous as the monks are extremely respectable here. You cannot touch them; you cannot even stand at the same height as a monk. 

Use your feet carefully

In Thailand, you cannot use your feet for anything possible. You cannot point your feet towards a temple or a monk. Monks, the Buddha, and the temples are the most respectful thins in Thailand. Never keep your feet in a direction where it's pointing to a temple or a monk.

Use your shoes carefully

You cannot put on your shoes and enter a temple or any house in Thailand. Temples are sacred places where wearing shoes is a sign of disrespect. Even some restaurants restrict the use of shoes inside, be sure to use a pair of Slip-on shoes for easy access. 

Bottom line

Thailands list of destinations for tourists has a neverending list, and You can spend a few weeks only visiting the beaches. The Hua Hin or Pattaya will blow your mind with its true beauty. Make sure you visit the Chiang Rai, a true architectural masterpiece that you cannot see elsewhere in the world. Don't forget to test the local traditional foods and explore the Harrogate, especially in Chiang Mai. The village of Umbrellas, the Handicraft Highway, the elephant wood carving museum, and so on.