Bee Vitamins: The 3-Course Meal in a Pill?

  • 2 years   ago
Bee Vitamins: The 3-Course Meal in a Pill?

Imagine this, you clock out for a lunch break, but instead of checking in at the nearest restaurant, you pop up a pill on to your mouth, knock it back and almost instantly get fully satisfied like you’ve just had a three-course meal. Well, the food industry might be that much advanced, but the bee pollen tablets are the closest we’ve got to have a meal-in-pill, and a flying saucer does not deliver them.

Bee pollen is made merely of pollen collected from flowers by bees, then mixed with the bee saliva to form granules that provide a broad range of essential nutrients your body needs. Bee pollen is known to be the only superfood that contains all the 22 essential elements that make a human body.

Top benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee vitamins tablets are packed with fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids, B vitamins, and minerals. As a complete food, the bee vitamin tablets fill a lot of gaps left by the nutritional deficiencies of modern diets. Here are the top impressive benefits of bee pollen supplements

1. Protein Rich

Bee vitamin tablets are perhaps the best all-protein food you can find. Bee pollen has higher protein than any animal and contains more amino acids than eggs, beef or cheese.

2. Powerful anti-inflammatory

Bee protein contains flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory compounds. For the most anti-inflammatory effects, scientists use an alcohol extraction of the pollen.

3. Eases allergies

For centuries, bee protein has been used as a folk remedy against different types of diseases particularly allergies. According to research, pollen is stimulated in mast cells thus playing essential roles in the containing allergies in the early and later stages.

4. Helps fight cancer

Pollen among other bee products is said to in bit tumor cell growths to kill cancer cells.

5. Boosts metabolism and energy

During times that you lose energy and become lethargic, it is because your body is protein-deficient due to slow metabolism and muscle protein synthesis. Bee vitamins are rich in amino acids which helps boost your metabolism and reinvigorate your muscles so you can stay energized for longer.

6. Has antibacterial properties

Research has revealed that bee pollen has antibacterial elements that inhibit and fight against the growth of various deadly bacteria like salmonella among other bacteria strains.

Additionally, studies have shown that bee pollen contains fiber and cellulose that combine with the antibiotic elements to boost its antibacterial effects.

7. Increase fertility

Bee vitamins stimulate ovarian functions thus increase productivity. Also, taking a daily dose will increase the potency of eggs to survive incubation thus increasing the odds of getting pregnant.

8. Clears skin

Did you know bee pollen can help you clear skin blemishes, improve complexion by renewing and rejuvenating your skin? According to studies done, pollen can help clear up acne

What is the best bee protein supplement?

Looking for the best bee protein product that you can take daily? Potentiated pollen is easily digestible than the ordinary bee protein because they rupture the pollen cell walls, thus allowing you to absorb more nutrients from the pollen.