Beat The Heat: 5 Types Of Air Conditioning System

  • 3 months   ago
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Staying at home doing nothing and just relaxing is one of the best feelings in life. Some days make you feel irritated because of the heat. Some people prefer drinking during broad daylight and others would go for a swim to cool off.

Being at home means being comfortable, that’s why you’ll need the best AC system for you to achieve the comfort you’re looking for. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the AC system. Choosing the right type of AC system will assure you that heat won’t be a problem at home. Here is some list of a different AC system.

Window Type AC system

This type of AC system is quite common, but you can count on this one. Window type AC system is usually installed in places like bedrooms. This type of AC system can provide the coolness you need.  Window type AC can be expensive, but if you have the budget for it, then paying bills won’t be a problem.

Central AC System

AC systems like this are usually used in places like offices. This type of AC system can be very efficient especially if you have a large house or if you have a building of your own that has offices in it. Since it's centralized, the air it that gives can be surely distributed in all the areas of the house.

This type of AC system is much more efficient than having a lot of window type AC systems in your house. If you’re planning in starting a business that is in a large area, central AC system is the best suggestion for the job.

Portable AC System

If you don’t have enough space in your house anymore yet you need an AC system that can cater to your needs, then this type of AC system is the right choice for you. When planning of buying this kind of AC system, make sure that is only being used in small areas of the house, because it doesn’t give the same power the as central AC system does.

The advantage of having this type of AC system is that you can move them anytime and anywhere you want because of its portability. No installation needed and it usually comes with wheels.

Through The Wall AC System

AC system like this is the same as the window type AC system. The only difference is that it gives more power than the window type AC system and it weighs more. Both said AC system has the same physical structure, but through the wall, this AC system is usually installed in walls, unlike the window type AC system.

Having an expert around to do the job for you could save a lot of time and hassle for installation. This type of AC system can also be effective but make sure that you have extra space in your house before planning on buying this one. If you didn’t think it through, then surely you’ll be adjusting many things in your home to make way for this one.

Split Type AC System

If you’re thinking of buying an AC system that doesn’t take up space and could give coolness in different rooms, then split type AC system is the right choice. It produces less noise, and it is also energy efficient. Its structure is not the same as the other types of AC system, and it is also attractive to look at.

Central AC system and split type AC system are quite alike, but the difference between the two is the central AC system is built to cover the whole area of the house while the split type AC system is used for specific areas of the house. Installation might be tricky, and it can be expensive. So plan it thoroughly before buying this type of AC system.


Having a good air-conditioning system at home is a big help, especially during summertime. If you don’t have one yet, asking the experts’ advice on what AC system best suits you can be a big help.

If minor problems happen, you can try fixing it yourself to avoid spending money, but if the issues are much more complicated, the best suggestion for you is to contact your local repairman to fix the problem for you.