Bangladesh ramps up for 2-digit growth, cohesion must, says PM adviser Salman F Rahman

  • 1 year ago

With the government’s simultaneous steps across multiple industries post-election, Bangladesh is looking towards an increased pace in its growth

Post-election win, Beximco founder and newly appointed Private Sector Industry and Investment Adviser to Prime Minister Sheikh HasinaSalman F Rahman has taken some credible steps to bolster the economic sentiment in the nation.In a recent convention, Rahman addressed the importance of knowledge transfer and solidarity amidst the Bangladeshi workforce present across the globe. 

Factoring in the current condition and vision of the country’s finances, a 2-digit growth rate is going to be crucial in order to accomplish the government’s associated missions. However, the citizens of a country are the atoms of its consistent development. On that note, it is expected, if not imperative, that an innate sense of coordination is prioritized by expatriatesand the local Bangladeshis for the country’s betterment. 
Growth model of Bangladesh will be fueled by exports, which are primarily dependenton industries and its businesses. Keeping this in mind, the Sheikh Hasina-led government has initiated steps to improve the ease of doing business index. Tax reforms, nationalpolicies, and interest rates are under critical analysis and subsequent changes to streamline local industry income as well as amplify the foreign investments.Simultaneously, advisory panelto the Prime Minister, including Salman F Rahman and others,has put its foot on the pedal with respect to the individual responsibilities. 
International Finance Corporation (IFC) officials met Salman F Rahman with the objective of discussing existing and future endeavors in the country. With an investment portfolio of approximately $1.52 billion, IFC is already playing an integral role in the accessibility of electricity, safety improvements in the garment sector, and better agricultural practices. 
Salman F Rahman spoke  at a program of expatriate engineers organized at a city hotel. Over 300 Bangladeshi engineers working in 30 countries took part in the program.  During his speech, Rahman brought to the fore the current economic and financial condition of the country. Terming the program a ‘success’, Salman F Rahman said similar programs will be organized in future to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise between the Bangladeshis working at home and abroad.
In another industry meet-up, Rahmanmet with Newspaper Owners’ Association of Bangladesh (NOAB) leaders. Issues addressing topics like income, frequency, distribution networks, safety, employee benefits, etc, were extensively discussedbetween the dignitaries. After detailed discussion with the Prime minister, Salman F Rahman is expected to devise a comprehensive strategy to improve the conditions of the newspaper industry within the next few months. 
That said, local industriesandBangladeshi skilled professionals are going to define the future of the country, irrespective of where they live. And looking attheserecent developments from a nation’s growth prospect, it appears as the key to consistency of the double figure growth rate lies in the shared efforts of experience, understanding, and unity.

Source: Growth model of Bangladesh