Attract Consumers And Drive Sales: Top 5 Signage Trends Of 2018

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People are now surrounded by innovative things invented by experts to make their lives better. Billboards, for example, are one of the things they upgraded. Tarpaulins are what they usually use to advertise a product before, but now they use big screens to give more details to the product they are selling. You can mostly see this form of advertising in signages.

There are many types of signages a person can use to advertise a specific product. But since people are now living in a more modern and high-end world, they would want to see a product in live action rather than just seeing it in a cloth. With that said, here are some of the digital or high-end signages trends of this year.

Touch Screen Signages

Since the time that phones became touchscreen, almost everything today is installed with this feature. Touchscreen gadgets or devices make a person life much easier compared to the traditional one which involves using keypads. Aside from tablets and phones, some companies use this kind of feature to make their signages look presentable.

You can usually find touchscreen display signages in malls. These are the ones people use to locate a particular store or establishment. Since the invention of this kind of signage, people are now more confident in going to places they are not familiar with because they know that there is something they can use for them not to get lost or confused.

If you’re planning to use this kind of technology in your business, you can try contacting professionals to help you set up your digital signage.

Projections and Video Walls

A projector is an essential item especially to those people who need to present something in a visual way like reports or video clips. Now, they found a way to use projectors in signages. Since the technology nowadays is growing fast, projectors can now be used in walls to make beautiful images more artistic.

Experts in this kind of industry learned that by combining-high definition with projectors that have specialized films, people can now convert their see-through windows into a large screen for them to create beautiful pictures using their projectors. You can also use projection film that is polymer-based for more realistic effects.

Digitalize Fabric Graphics

This kind of technology has been used by many people for many years and still utilized up until today. High-quality fabrics can now be brought to life by installing screens behind it. By doing this, the signage will look more alive since it creates more color, light, and motion which is much better than the traditional ones.

One of the advantages of using digital fabric graphics is that it’s more cost-effective than using or installing large televisions to get attention from others. Using this kind of signage lessens an individual or the company’s expenses. Digital fabric graphics now comes with different sizes, shapes, and configurations-curved digital signages and many more.

Gamification System

Gamification is mostly used in mobile games. But people nowadays can take advantage of its features for business. Gamification is known to be a marketing trend people use for their business. Signages like these can be considered to be one of the useful tools for advertising because it can enhance the engagement of employees even marketing efforts.

This type of signage was first used by a brand called Nike+ to advertise their product. Their campaign became successful because of this type of signage. Gamification gives consumers more intense experience when it comes to the world of advertising.

Big Data Analytics

Digital signages are now used by companies to target consumers into buying their products. Some company uses billboards and screens that have facial recognition system and eye trackers to see what part of their signages people are more focused on and attracted to.

Systems like these can be applied to any digital signage which any businessman or company can use to improve their marketing skills. Data will be stored and analyzed by the system which can be a useful tool for any business enterprise.


Technology has come a long way. With the use of modernized technology, advertising is now more accessible and more manageable. Looking for potential buyers is not easy, that’s why using innovations like these are advisable to make a person's business become successful.

There are a lot of ways you can do to advertise your product, but it’s more effective if you use signages. If you don’t have any idea on where to find one, you can try searching the web, and other reliable sources for ideas or you can contact signage experts to help you with this kind of matter.

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