Are social media influencers effective for your brand?

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Are social media influencers effective for your brand?

Advertising requires a brand to prove its authenticity to its audience. Social media is slowly replacing the traditional methods of marketing. Social media influencing is a new niche that is also killing the culture of using celebrities for marketing your brand. With the right social media influencer, you will have an excellent opportunity to create a good reputation for your brand.

Social media influencers are people with a massive following on social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram, Twitter YouTube, Snap chat and many more. They are professional who portray extensive experience in a particular area since they share with their followers their skills.You are likely to find a social media influencer for virtually every industry.

To find the right social media influencer you need to;

Check their level of engagement with their audience

When sourcing for a social media influencer, it is essential to make sure you get the best one in the market.You should check how engaging they are with their audience to ensure that when you introduce your brand on their platform, your potential clients will get the same amount of response.Influence with a response rate of 80-90% is most suitable.

Check if their profile is engaging enough.

When an influencer gets genuine and engaging comments, they tend to be authentic. Getting emoji’s or single words is rather too casual for your brand.You want an audience that will give you genuine comments both negative and positive to enable you to learn as well as point out area that needs improvement. Also determine if the influencer can resolve negativity on theirplatforms, as it will portray a possibility of good problem-solving skills. 

Consult a marketing expert.

It is essential to consult a marketing professional to help and guide you through the process of contacting a social media influencer. Theywill help you to identify the fake accounts saving you from the trouble of hiring an influencer with a fake account and costing you money. Platforms like igautolikes allow Instagram users to buy automatic Instagram likes facilitating the creation of fake accounts. Although such services can lead to the creation of authentic accounts, lack of genuine followers will not help you get loyal clients.Also, marketing professionals will have social media influencers who are authentic for your brand.

Since social media has given even the ordinarypeople an opportunity to market their brand, people tend to trust it while others use social media platform along with the services of social media influencers to sell their products. Therefore to the question of the effectiveness of social media influencers being authentic, the answer is yes. According to study millions of customers and brands are trusting social media influencers more with 86%of them using social media influencers.

What makes social media influencers useful?

They portray expertise within their area of interest.

The level of expertise portrayed by social media influencers is what appeals to their audience. They give their audience critical conversations on the overall trends. Since we all like getting information from a source of experience, their followers recognize their expertise and follow their posts with interest when they get a following they have to keep their audience entertained, and therefore they tailor their posts to suit the interest of their audience while at the same time making it unique.

Experience is useful mainly for a brand since it creates trust from the audience making them loyal customers. When a brand adopts an influencer, their expertise is transferred to their brand as well as building a reputation for the brand.

They adopt trends and products early.

Social media influencers sets trends for the population. They get information straight from the source and share it with their audience.They are always on the lookout for what is new in the market and when they identify a new trend and contact professionals behind the trend and introduce it to their audience. Such trends then get carried on from one person to another.

They create a desire for your products.

Influencers build loyalty with their audience. The commitment when utilized on your brand could bring about increased sales to your brand. When you give the influencer, and they try them out, they get to share them with their followers. Due to the loyalty from their followers, they tend to identify with their product, and they will purchase them to look like that influencer or for the pride of using the same product as the influencer. People will also expect whatever the influencer is selling to be authentic.

They generate large word of mouth.

You will save on the time you spend trying to create awareness regarding your brand by consulting a social media influencer. While you might be getting traffic on your Instagram or Facebook or Instagram, it might take you some time to succeed.

An influencer will give you the target audience that you require, loyalty and already market to explore. Your chances of success are very high with this kind of audience.

They portray reliability

Social media influencers interact directly with their audience every day. They share their lives journeys such as their love for music, healthy eating or even adventure; hence they communicate at a more personal level. They tend to have a following with the same interests, personalities, and likes.If their audience presents your target group, it will be very reliable due to this kind of connection.

They are attractive to their audience.


One of the primary reason as to why social media influencers have a huge following is because their audience found somethingattractive about their content. Whatever they share with the audience is fascinating enough such that they keep coming back for more with likes and lots of comments.

As a brand finding a social media influencer that is right for your brand means f that their audience will also find your brand attractive enough to keep following it.Such an opportunity is good for your brandfor with the right content you will build enough traffic and increased sales with loyal customers.

Final word

Social media influencing is very crucial for every brand that has a goal of success in the market. It gives you an almost effortless clientele, and you only need to exercise good customer support skills that make them your loyal customers and increase your sales.