Amsterdam, the Right Spot for Your New Company

  • 7 months   ago

Are you evaluating locations to start your new company? Key factors for many starting businesses are: a spot where many clients are close by, skilled staff that speaks multiple languages, low corporate income tax rates, good logistics and connections. Also keep an eye on your personal circumstances. An engaging work and living environment, adequate health system, excellent quality of life and good public and affordable schools for your children shall also be relevant concerns. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, scores very high on all of these points. Maybe you never thought about Amsterdam with its rebellious image as a location to start a business, though it is a stepping stone into the EU. You should try to visit the city to experience its vibe.  


Starting a company in the Netherlands is an easy and speedy step. Much time and effort can be saved by doing things right from the beginning. It is wise to be properly prepared. Be informed on the practises and requirements in the Netherlands even before the company is established. You can make a good start by visiting the website of the Dutch government with an extensive guidance for new company owners, explaining everything from residency permits and housing to selecting a legal form and accounting.


Use a company formation agency for your Dutch company


The easiest way to open a Dutch business is to make use of a Netherlands company formation specialist. Such agent is expert in supporting international active business owners set up and operate Dutch companies. It can provide specialised advice on the best options for you. Step-by-step the company formation expert will provide support with issues such as the company’s equity articles, filing obligations and registered address in the Netherlands

It is also recommendable to acquire tax advice on the structure in case of a non-Dutch shareholder. Also, on the tax substance in case of a non-Dutch resident director. All these issues a company formation specialist can identify for you. If required, you can be brought into contact with tax advisors with the right experience. 

Can anyone move over to Amsterdam to start a business?

No large obstacles exist for starting your business in Amsterdam or any other place in the Netherlands. If you want to move over to work and live in Amsterdam, a work and residence permit will have to be obtained in advance. For nationals of the EU member states an exemption applies because of free movement of persons. For entrepreneurs from outside the EU, a work and residence permit shall have been obtained before relocating to Amsterdam. Exceptions from the requirements apply for American and Japanese nationals. With the United States of America, the Netherlands has a friendship treaty, named DAFT, in place for already several decades. Under the treaty it is easy to obtain a work and residence permit as entrepreneur. With Japan a similar kind of friendship treaty is in place.

For the group of entrepreneurs from outside the EU there are two main options: move over as innovative entrepreneur or go for the standard procedure. The application process for innovative entrepreneurs is cheaper and simpler. Yet, it will require the entrepreneur to set up a business with an innovative good or service. The standard procedure requires you to submit a pile of documents. Still, with a good local advisor any business owner determined to start a company will be able to acquire a Dutch work and residence permit.    

Conclusion: Amsterdam is an exciting option to start a new business

Amsterdam has much to offer to many kinds of creative, finance and business industries. The Dutch economy in general is very diversified and robust. Working in Amsterdam and joining Dutch life will be a first-class experience. Many entrepreneurs who already made the step, decided to stay longer than planned. 

There are no large obstacles to overcome for starting a Dutch company. A company formation specialist is able to support the process and will be able to prevent you from running into any pitfalls. For business owners from the EU, the US and Japan, work and residence visa are not a problem. Entrepreneurs coming from any other nations are also able to obtain a visa by using a Dutch immigration specialist. If you are educated, bring working experience, have a proper business plan and some money to invest in your new Dutch company, acquiring a work and residence permit will be feasible.