A Guide to Help You Choose the Right Space Heaters

  • 9 months   ago
A Guide to Help You Choose the Right Space Heaters, How to choose Space Heaters, Space Heaters, How to select good Space Heaters, Qatar Day, Qatar Day news, Blog

When you are trying to buy some space heaters for large room, make sure that you pick a set of tools that works in an efficient manner. However, you will soon discover that this is easier said than done. There are many products out there offered by many manufacturers claiming theirs is the best. Each every one of those space heaters comes with their own sets of best features but also bears some shortcomings at the same time. Sometimes the best things of a heater eclipse the not-so-favorable aspects. At other times, the shortcomings that a heater has are just too big to ignore. This will eventually cause you to get headache. Confusion will soon arrive and you end up not knowing which product to bring home. And at times like this, it would not hurt that you reach out to get some help.

Judge Your Space Heater

What constitutes the best space heater? For a space heater to be considered at least complete and wholesome, it must possess all of the things as described below:

  1. Fuel-friendliness

There are currently two types of space heaters offered on the market: One that is powered with propane gas and one with electricity. Propane-gas space heaters are capable of giving you a higher rate of intensity and they can bring the temperature up quite fast. However, electrical space heaters are safer when it comes to emissions. They are also much safer with children and pets around them. With a feature like auto-off, the heaters can end their operation automatically once the desired temperature has been reached.

  1. Adjustable thermostat

The presence of an adjustable thermostat can be really helpful as it allows you to continue on doing anything else without having to worry about overheating. Some thermostats provide a wide range of functions and features. But if you don’t want something too unnecessarily complicated, you can always go for something standard with just three options: low, medium, and high.

  1. Fan

Make sure the heater you choose comes with a functioning fan. The heat produced by the device will be distributed around the room evenly by the fan. With the heat evenly distributed, the place can get warmed fast enough.

  1. Cool body

If you have had prior experience handling a heater, you sure know how annoying it is to touch a hot heater. The structure of the machine will heat up as they are running for hours. Try to find a heater that comes with a design that uses materials that will not overheat over prolonged operation.

  1. Portability

Find a space heater that comes with handles or at least stick with one whose body will not overheat. This way, you can move the device around for when you need to heat a specific place. Portability and convenient handling will also mean that you can store the device back to its spot once you are done using it.

What Other Things to Keep in Mind?


Large rooms can be supplied with a space heater with close pack as well as a fan. A floor-standing space heater will also be a great option but its price might not be one you feel comfortable with. Alternatively, you can supply a large room with an oil-filled radiator. To best derive the desired benefits from a space heater, you will have to calculate the size of the room to begin with. Once you manage to get the number, you can choose the size of a heater in accordance. A 300 square feet room is obviously much easier to heat up more than one at a size of 1000 square feet. And to ensure proper operation, make sure you supply the heater with a power output of at least 1000 watts. A larger room will require anywhere between 1500 and 2000 watts for proper operation. Think about the type of heating methods suitable for the room you want to heat up. There are currently three kinds of electric heating mechanism: radiant, micathermic, and convection. Out of the three, micathermic is much more effective. The mechanism combines both radiant and convection heating methods through a set of panels installed on the front section of the device. Instead of focusing heat toward one direction, the panel spreads heat evenly around the environment.

In Conclusion

In places where temperature tends to drop quite drastically, the presence of a space heater in a room will be something of great importance. An effective space heater should be able to not only produce heat but also capable of spreading the heat evenly across the room to improve the level of comfort within the room. Lastly, no matter how much you love the heater and how complete their features are, you should always be careful when operating it. Use the reminder feature to turn the machine off when the temperature has been pretty comfy for you.