A Complete Estimate on Different Kinds of Car AC Related Issues!!

  • 2 years   ago

Having an efficient and powerful car AC is a must requirement in every car these days irrespective of the models. The major components of a car AC are- Compressor, Evaporator, and condenser. Another important component of the car AC is the liquid substance filled inside its sealed system known as Refrigerator. These four major components are further connected with hoses, tubes, valves, sensors, etc to ensure a powerful cooling from the car AC. 

As the car gets older with passing years, the performance of the AC keeps on degrading. It’s a common story for every car and hence it requires AC servicing to maintain the performance and prevent it from getting damaged. 



How to analyze your car AC needs repairing

AC repairing is one of the major parts of a car repair service. Be ready to call a mechanic whenever you notice these symptoms:-

Ineffective cooling by AC

Clicking sound in the engine

AC not working at all 

Whistle sound from AC system

Low cooling inspire of AC gas refilling

Repairing cost estimate for Car AC

The repairing costs are based on different kinds of car models. For the smaller cars, the costs are higher as it requires a lot of labor to work while for the bigger cars like SUV, the costs are lower as there is enough space for comfortable repairing work. 

a) Inspect and Evaluation

The flat fee for any car AC inspection and evaluation to detect the problem can range from $100 to $300 based on car models. 

b) Refrigerant filling

As the car gets older, refrigerant starts leaking from the sealed system and results in ineffective cooling. In such cases, the refrigerant needs to be refilled.

The cost of refrigerant refilling ranges from $100 to $162. 

c) Detection of Leaks

The main cause of ineffective cooling or very low cooling is due to the leaking of AC gas. In case of leakage, parts like hoses, sensors, compressors often need replacing. 

The cost of leakage repairing varies from $150 to $800 for the minor issues and up to $1600 for the major issues.  

d) AC compressor replacement

AC compressor is the heart of your car AC that does the cooling. So, if it gets damaged, it can cost you a whopping amount of $195 to $735 depending on your car model with additional labor costs from $376 to $986. Again it varies from car to car, condition of the parts and how much labor work needs to be done. 

e) Whistle Sound from AC

If you notice a whistling sound from AC, you need to refill your refrigerant gas along with Compressor Oil replacement. 

The cost here ranges from $28 to $35. 

f) Ticking Sound 

This happens due to the misalignment of the AC belt. The cost for this varies from $7 to $10. 

g) Low cooling in spite of Gas refilling

This is another major issue and happens if the Evaporator needs replacement or cooling coil is dirty. The cost here varies from $70 to $80 as the minimal price. 

h) Total repairing cost

The total estimated cost for a complete  car AC repairing varies from $1,000 to $ 4,000.

Final Words

The above-given price estimation helps you to have a total approximate budget for car AC repairing. The exact numbers are always based on the car models and their current condition.