9 ways to choose shoes for pregnant women

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Pregnancy is the time when your feet are under the most pressure. This is also the time when your feet are often swollen, your heels are often sore, making walking difficult. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable shoe during this period. This not only helps you relax but also brings your baby's safety.


Why is it important to choose shoes during pregnancy?


During pregnancy, your foot is under a lot of pressure because it has to support the whole body that has gained too much weight in a short time. The increase in weight made the body physique also change. This makes the body's center of gravity also change, affecting your walking. Not only that, but weight gain also puts pressure on the back, feet, and ankles. Therefore, choosing shoes during pregnancy in this period should be very careful.


When you reach the end of pregnancy, you may experience foot problems:


  1. Swollen feet

The bigger the uterus puts pressure on the pelvis, the slower the blood circulation in the legs. This causes the feet and ankles to swell.

Your feet are bigger now, so you'll need big shoes too.

  1. Heel pain

The body gaining weight too fast overloads the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a band of tissue shaped a sector from the heel to the toes. It has arched feet to reduce shock in the body when walking and running. When the plantar fascia is stretched too much, repeated for a long time will cause inflammation, tearing at the spot sticking to the heel bone, long term will lead to the formation of heel spikes. This will cause heel pain.

To reduce this situation, choose shoes with cushioned heels and provide enough space for your toes. These shoes will help you not fall and maintain balance for the body.

  1. Varicose veins

The amount of blood that increases when you're pregnant puts pressure on your veins. At the same time, the growth of the fetus also makes the uterus pinched the veins in the pelvis and legs making the veins more dilated. The most common manifestation is that the veins are swollen, dark and prominent under the skin. In addition, you will also experience swelling, heaviness, pain, and loss of energy at the end of the day.

Wear low-heeled shoes to help muscles work better and promote blood circulation in the legs.

  1. Ligament pain

During pregnancy, the concentration of relaxin hormone increases, improving collagen's flexibility. Collagen helps the fetus to pass through the pelvis easily. However, these changes affect the ligament in the pelvis.

Wear flat sandals to reduce the risk of dislocated eyes and foot injuries.


The criteria when choosing shoes for pregnant women


The shoes you choose not only make you comfortable but also help you stabilize your body's focus. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose shoes to wear easily without having to bend over. From the 7th month, you will have difficulty bending over to wear shoes because your belly has started to grow. Also, you should not choose shoes with strings.

  2. Choose comfortable shoes at the base of the ankles and ankles. During this stage, if you choose the wrong shoes, your ankles will swell. If you choose the right shoes, the walk will become more comfortable.

  3. Choose to buy footwear larger than your actual foot size. Because when pregnant, there will be times when the feet are swollen. In addition to the above criteria, you should choose shoes that you are comfortable with when standing for a long time.


The secret to choosing shoes for pregnant women:


  1. Choose flat footwear. If you don't like it, choose low and wide heel shoes.

  2. Wide heel shoes will help you evenly distribute the weight of the body on the plantar fascia, helping to reduce foot pain. Lower soles reduce the risk of slipping.

  3. Heels not higher than 5cm and not pointed heels.

  4. If you can't find shoes that support the plantar fascia, buy extra pads and padding.

  5. Choose breathable shoes so the feet don't smell. Canvas shoes are best because they do not sweat.

  6. Choose pairs of flat sole sandals so that the toes will have the freedom and comfort.

  7. Lazy shoes are a great choice for pregnant women because they look stylish, comfortable and low-heeled. Also, lazy shoes don't hurt your foot when walking.

  8. The sandal is also a great choice if you want to wear simple and handy fashion styles.

  9. Sneaker or sport shoes will also be an ideal choice if you have to walk for a long time.


The best footwear for pregnant women


There are two types of footwear most suitable for pregnant women.



Low-heeled shoes: Low-heeled shoes are a great choice because they reduce the risk of you falling and don't need to bend your feet. When choosing low-heeled shoes, choose shoes that make the ankle feel the most comfortable.

Sandal or slippers: These are shoes that are easy to wear without having to bend over. However, in the winter, you should wear socks. When at home, sandals and slippers will give you comfort.