9 tips to help your teen sleep better

  • 2 years   ago
9 tips to help your teen sleep better

A teen needs at least 9-10 hours of sleep every night. But recent studies have shown that most teens only sleep for 8 or fewer hours. It is a serious cause of worry for parents as a lack of sleep affects their performance at school, concentration, mood and most of all their health. If a teen is not taking proper sleep, he is at the risk of developing obesity or anxiety later in life.


Often parents are alarmed by the use of smartphones late night before sleep. They should be as it disturbs the sleeping environment. There are other causes like an illness that influences the sleep patterns of teen. A study says that melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep signals teen's brains to sleep after 11 PM, no one knows why.


But sleep-deprivation in teens is a cause of alarm. If you amongst those parents whose young kid is unable to take proper sleep, then maybe these methods will help you.


Here are 9 tips that can help your teen sleep better.


1. No electronics, make the room a quiet place


Don’t allow your kids to use smartphones, computer an hour before bedtime. The lights from the screen can also disrupt the sleep patterns of the teen. Moreover, make sure the house is calm at night; loud noises or music can influence proper sleep. Thus, no heavy earphones or music while sleeping.


2. Have a daily sleep schedule


Make sure your teen sleeps and wakes up at the same time every day. Follow this schedule even on the weekends and other holidays. If you let the teen sleep in or sleep late because it’s Sunday, then their body feels tired and groggy.


3. Make sure the room is cool


You can only sleep if your body cools down. If you feel hot or sweaty, it is hard to sleep or remain asleep. So, make sure the temperature of the room is cool enough for a comfortable sleep.


Also, you can ask your teen to take a bath before turning in for the night. It helps to maintain the temperature of your body.


4. Ensure that the mattress is comfortable


If the teen’s bed mattress is too soft or too hard, it becomes difficult to sleep. Thus, make sure that your kid feels comfortable while sleeping on their mattress. Choose the mattress according to the body type and preference of the kid (whether he sleeps better on a soft or hard mattress).


5. Make sure that the teen is de-stressed before sleeping


Going to sleep stressed out or worried, greatly decreases the quality of your sleep. If you see your child stressed or anxious over things, make sure they chill and get it out of their system before hitting the sack.

For that, practice yoga or meditation and encourage them to keep a journal and write whatever is bothering them in it and sleep peacefully.


6. Encourage them to complete big tasks before night time


It is typical that your teen would like to watch TV or catch up on social media after coming from school. But it’s important that you encourage them to complete their school work and assignment first. Pending the work for night interferes with night routine and sleep.


7. Limit the intake of caffeine


A teen’s caffeine intake should always be monitored. But make sure that they don’t drink coffee and especially energy drinks after lunch time. Energy drinks have more caffeine than coffee and drinking it later in the day can keep your kid awake for hours at night.


8. Night scents


Aromatherapy can work wonders and induce peaceful sleep. Try burning some essential oils like rosemary, lavender and so on.


9. Check for other issues


If none of the other tips works, it’s time to check for other issues that may disrupt their sleep.

Their maybe some underlying health causes keeping the teen awake or a medicine that they take. If nothing works, consulting with a doctor won't hurt.


A sleep-deprived teen can be difficult to handle. They can harm their health and relationships as less sleep means a moody kid. Use these tips to see some great results and consult a doctor if nothing works.

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