7 Game of Luck Superstitions

  • 2 months   ago

In places like casinos where luck is involved, there are usually some outrageous superstitions going around. There have been several different rituals performed by players in the hopes of swinging lady luck in their direction to win big, throughout the history of casinos. No proof exists that these claims work, but people still believe in them. Here are seven casino superstitions that people still believe until this day. 

1. Refusing to enter through the main entrance

This is an Asian belief but is still adopted by some American players. Eastern players are not a fan of entering any casino through its main entrance since they believe it to bring forth bad luck. They also avoid walking into a casino if the entrance looks like the jaws of an animal. 

2. Walking away

A highly common superstition for various casino games is the concept of walking away. For instance, if you have placed a bet on roulette and the ball begins spinning, it brings good luck to walk a few steps back from the roulette table and return a moment later.

3. Charms for good luck

People have been carrying around good luck charms since ancient times. There are various items in a casino setting that people believe have some favorable influence on the outcome of the evening. Most individuals believe that a rabbit’s foot for instance, is a good luck charm, but there are several more that have been used in the past years, for instance, a family momento, usually of someone who passed away. The idea behind this is that believers think that it has some sort of heavenly power to assist in bouncing the ball over a spot to black. Other items include specific figurines, real or fake acorns, hats or the color red. For a wide selection of online casino games to consider playing, you can check out bally wulff.

4. Female virgins

A longstanding belief for craps players is that if a female virgin accompanies them, meaning, one who has not played craps before, it brings good luck. The opposite is believed of a male beginner who accompanies you. It is believed that it would bring bad luck. 

5. Never count it out

It is believed to be bad luck if you start counting your money after winning before deciding on cashing out for good. If you stick to your bankroll, you will be fine. Not only does it bring bad luck, but it is also not good etiquette to count your money when the other players are around.

6. Blowing on the dice

This is probably a superstition that you have seen many times before, in real time or on television shows or in movies, especially around craps tables. But where does this superstition come from? Many people suggested that certain gamblers would cover the dice with something sticky which is triggered by moisture. By blowing on the dice it would elevate the possibilities of winding up where the thrower intended.




7. Unlucky numbers

You must have heard before that certain numbers are viewed lucky, while others are a sign of impending misfortune. The number seven, for instance, is deemed lucky while thirteen is believed to be the unluckiest of all. Besides these widely known superstitious numbers, there is another number that is avoided like the plague: the number fifty, in particular, the $50 dollar bill. This could be due to the mobsters in Las Vegas who used to place a $50 bill in the pocket of their murder victims after taking money from them in the 1950s.