6 Industries With Potential Where You Can Start Your Company In Dubai

  • 2 years   ago
6 Industries With Potential Where You Can Start Your Company In Dubai

It is a common knowledge that Dubai is one of the most sought out after launch pad for business in the Middle East. As the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai enjoys the best economical and geographical advantage in all of MENA, which lures in investors from across the globe. With the complete support and encouragement from the Dubai Economic Department (DED), foreign investors are finding it easier to start and run their own business in the emirate. With Dubai becoming the home ground for numerous startups, SMEs and multinational companies, Mr Sami Raja, Founder CEO of Sami Raja Consultancy have compiled a list of small business ideas that can help investors find the right business opportunities.

When it comes to business opportunities, Dubai is quite a popular choice for entrepreneurs to start and build their business. The promise of world-class infrastructure, services, and a diverse working community is a catch no one should miss. Here is a break down of a few potential industries where investors can find their match.


Food & Entertainment Industry

As long as humans survive, they need food to sustain them. This is why the food industry is never going to go out of business if done wisely. Combining the food business with entertainment factors is the best way to take your business forward. With such a vibrant multi-nationals community thriving within the emirate, there are numerous opportunities to look at from fine dining facilities to open-air food cart outlets.

As more and more restaurants are driving in revenue by bringing in fresh ideas to keep their guests entertained, this is the most competitive yet thriving industry you can think of.

Construction Industry

Every other day, Dubai is at the forefront of building something new. With the immense number of construction projects happening in and around the city premises, it is an industry booming with opportunities. The construction industry is also known for the number of employment opportunities it opens up. From skilled labours to engineers, this is the one industry that investors are fighting to get into.  

The construction industry includes not only real estate development business, but associated businesses like raw material suppliers and EMP companies and such are all good avenues to look into.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is another industry that is on the rise regardless of the economy. With the various health policies and people being more health conscious than ever before, there is an increase in the demand of health care providers in the emirate. If you are an investor willing to invest in the industry or a health care provider looking to expand to the UAE, this is the right time.

Transport & Logistics Industry

Dubai is a city with over 3.1 million people who commute from one end of the city to the other as well as to the other emirates. Local and trans-city private transportation facilities are now a booming market with a lot of potentials. Further with its numerous business enterprises, especially in the manufacturing industries, logistics companies are also in high demand. In fact, the transportation and logistics industry is still one of the untapped industries in the country that can offer breaks for interested parties.

Hospitality & Tourism Industry

As one of the world’s famous and favourite holiday destination, Dubai offers numerous opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry. The country has an influx of thousands of visitors throughout the year, which in turn opens up n number of opportunities for the said industry. Hotels, spas, travel agencies, tour sponsors, adventure sport services and yacht services are some of the few businesses that have a market in Dubai. Think about it - investing in hospitality and tourism will take you to success without doubts.

Trading Industry

As mentioned before, Dubai is the commercial hub of the UAE. With its status as the playground where east meets the west, it is the best place to start a trading business with the right strategy. Export and import businesses are booming in this part of the world and its the right time to tap into the trading business to market anything from textiles, raw building materials, plastic goods, fruits and nuts and even vehicles.

Make use of the chances this land of opportunities brings to you. Contact us for consultancy services to help you kick start your journey.

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