5 Ways Using A Wholesale Ordering App Will Improve Your Business

  • 2 years   ago

Brands and wholesalers are facing many sales challenges including the growing complexity of the global supply chain and increasingly high expectations of customers. Technology offers some great sales tools that can help, one of which is a wholesale ordering app.

Let’s look at 5 ways that using this tool can streamline your purchasing process.

1. It will save your sales reps valuable time

Only 35.2% of a sales rep's time is spent actively selling with the majority spent on administrative tasks. Taking orders manually is a complex and time-consuming process involving many different touch points. When there are many hands involved, there is a greater chance of error and inefficiency, leading to an inaccuracy in sales fulfillment. An automated sales process means less time inputting data manually and other administrative duties and more time for your sales reps to sell.

2. It reduces the risk of human error

Human error is the largest cause of sales mistakes and can be blamed on fatigue, stress, distraction and lack of training. One small mistake can have catastrophic consequences for your business and although extra training can help, it can’t eliminate human error completely. However, automation brings consistency and predictability to complex workflows. With a wholesale ordering app, sales reps and customers can rely on information flowing digitally with less chance of errors along the way.

3. It provides real-time access to sales information

We know that B2B sales are much more complex than B2C ones. As wholesalers adopt an omnichannel sales approach it’s even more important that all internal information is shared in real time. How will you rectify the same stock being sold to two different customers? Dealing with wholesale customers involves managing larger quantities, so real-time access to current inventory levels is essential. Using an online ordering app will improve the speed and accuracy of doing business.



4. It ensures a personalized experience for each customer

By 2020, forward-looking B2B buyers, especially millennials, envision a better, more personalized business experience using B2B online order taking and fulfillment technology. They will be looking for the personal touch and expecting to build a working relationship, as opposed to focusing on short-term transactions. Creating lasting business relationships is the lifeblood of any successful business. Your wholesale ordering system must have the capability to customize the experience for each individual customer. An example is setting unique discounts for each customer or deciding which products to up-sell or cross-sell by each customer’s previous sales history.

5. You can sell 24/7

A digital sales solution means your sales reps and customers can place orders any time, and from anywhere they have access to a smartphone or tablet. Your online store is ‘always on’ providing retailers with the modern and convenient buying experience they’re accustomed to in consumer transactions. Offline functionality means even an unreliable WiFi connection won’t stop the orders coming in.

So, what should you be looking for in a digital order solution? Simplicity and a great user experience are key to operating an effective sales platform. Individual solutions focusing on one part of the sales process leads to complex processes and drains valuable resources. A unified, flexible B2B sales platform is the way forward.

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