5 situations where renting a car is better than buying one

  • 8 months   ago
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Why buy when you can rent? Especially when the discussion is about cars. Renting a car is always more feasible than the ultimate purchase. Why? Well, if you plan wisely, you can save a lot by renting. And For those who just said ‘I earn to afford cars and fortunately I can’ – why don’t you invest your hard-earned money in assets which will help you reap benefits in the form of interests or dividends?

While some people live in a misconception that renting cars is an expensive affair, others find it below their standards. In this article, I have enlisted 5 scenarios that will bust either of these thoughts and compel you to rethink your ‘buying’ decision.

1. You are a big-city resident

if you have been living in a big city, or plan to move to one in the near future, there’s absolutely no reason why you must think of ‘buying’ a car. Public transportation will take care of most of your needs since its operation is efficient in big cities. Infact, the existent car owners also prefer to commute to the workplace via public transport like metro and buses, mainly to escape traffic and save time. For occasions like a road trip with friends, a family outing, a wedding reception you can rent a car. Once you purchase a car, and not gauge its full potential, chances are you are paying a lot more than recovering. Car expenditure is not a one time affair. It involves insurance costs, parking charges and lot more. You cannot undermine the upkeep expenses and repair costs that are to be incurred in the future. Car rental subscriptions are your best bet to surpass all the above-mentioned charges.

2. Rent on Road trips

Cars automatically delve you into a world of road trips and all the fun attached with it. But purchasing a car for the sole purpose of road trips is not a convenient option. Why, you ask? One, because most of the times, the car you own, will not be reliable or suitable for the destination you choose. You cannot go on a road trip in a sedan or hatchback. And two, because the seating capacity will not always win with the number of people in your gang. So rather than taking more than one vehicle, my suggestion is to rent a van or SUV, that will keep the entire group in one and none of you will be devoid of all the fun during the journey. There are car rental companies out there, to serve this purpose alone.

3. To run errands

Well, you are not the billionaire who can afford a 4-wheeler for daily grocery shopping or to visit the park nearby. Infact, even if you can afford, it just does not fit the criteria of ‘why you should purchase a car’. So just rent a van to your next visit to the grocery store or supermarket, if you think the items you will be carrying home will be too heavy for you to commute in public transport. It will serve as a potential money-saver. Plus, if you are smart enough and can coordinate the time of your next visit with your neighborhood locals, they can join you and split the bill of commute.

4. For special occasions

Not all of us can afford a luxury car like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and the list is endless but that does not mean you must be devoid of its royalty experience. So, if you have always desired a ride back home in convertible Mercedes, rent one of them from specified rental service providers and live your dream. For instance, in Indian weddings, the last tradition of sending the bride home is usually done in a rented luxury vehicle. You can rent luxury cars for special events like these, or when you are attending an event where it’s important for you to cast the ‘rich’ impression or when you planning to propose your better half.

5. During a vacation


Vacations are some time off from the daily mundane life, and what better than the comfort of a car at your doorstep every time you want to step out. While some people opt for public transport t becomes very inconvenient and restrictive in a new place where you are unaware of other specifics. Rented cars on a trip will not only save you a fortune but will also make your trip worthwhile.

By now I am sure you have observed a clear win of ‘renting’ in the above-mentioned instances. It is cheaper, more efficient, and more exclusive. Every time you get on the streets, you can pick up a new vehicle! What else do you want?