5 Signs that Indicate Your Home Has Mold Problem

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5 Signs that Indicate Your Home Has Mold Problem, Qatar day blog, qatar day

It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, to walk into the basement and become overwhelmed by an unpleasant, pungent smell. While searching for what is causing that hideous smell, people find patches of furry, dark growth dropping from the wall onto the carpet.

If you found it too, your home has mold. Unfortunately, such a diagnosis isn’t always so obvious, and you could be living with mold for years before actually discovering it. There are many things to look for that indicate you might have mold infestation or an area that is suitable for mold growth.

Strange Odors


Mold, whether visible or not, has an unusual and unpleasant odor. If any area in your home consistently smells musty, there is a good possibility that mold is present there. You can follow the odor to identify mold, and when you find it, remove it immediately. However, if mold is in an unreachable place such as inside walls or ceiling, you can call professionals to help you in removing it.

Mold Growth

There are so many kinds of mold that no one can really identify the type based on specific size, shape, or color. It may appear as a furry, dark growth, as a black smudge, or as a white, black, green, orange, or brown speck. Rather than searching for out-of-the-ordinary multi-colored flecks in every inch of your home, identify the areas that are damp and look for potential signs of mold. The fungus usually thrives in cool, moist places, and it will be easier to find it when you limit your search to places that have excess moisture.


Your health can be telling you signs about the presence mold in your home. Some most common symptoms of mold allergy include a persistently runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches, dizziness, and even memory loss. Although these symptoms can be just a sign of cold and cough, but if you are symptomatic in your home only, mold can be the culprit there. Some kinds of mold are even toxic and can cause serious symptoms too, therefore it is crucial to remove it from your home and prevent it from returning.


Whether your windows usually remain wet, or condensation drips from your pipes, it is likely that your home has a great deal of moisture. As a result, your home will become an ideal breeding place for mold, and probably it would have already started growing there. Dehumidifiers are a good solution to eliminate excess moisture. You can adjust the humidity level in your home according to your preference by setting the same level in dehumidifiers.

Water Problems

If your home ever had moisture issues, whether a sewer backed up or a toilet overflowed, it is at a greater risk for mold growth. The best places to search for mold are the areas where water was left stagnant for a long time. If your home was ever flooded, mold can possibly grow behind the walls and under the floor. If you suspect mold growth, look for discolored walls, floors, and ceilings, as the discoloration indicates that colonies of mold are growing behind it. Keep an eye for cracks and bubbles in your paint and wallpapers, and also look for bulging and warped walls. These also point that moisture has penetrated the surface, and they could be hosting mold.

The Solution

The areas that have already fallen victim to mold growth, there is still hope. Mix a cup of borax powder with a gallon of hot water and scrub the mold off your walls, ceilings, and floors. This will kill the mold and give your home back to you. Rather than taking measures after mold has grown, you can do many things to prevent it from growing in the first place. Keep your home dry, have a proper ventilation system in your home, and inspect regularly for even small signs of mold growth.


Mold generally is very difficult to identify in initial stages, as you only come across significant signs of its growth when the problem has become considerably bigger. This is why it is crucial to address every minute sign of moisture and water problem in your home to avoid the potential growth of mold. However, if your home already has an infestation that you couldn’t get rid of, you must call professionals, as it might risk your health as well as home, and you would not want to compromise either. Lumiair offers great remedial services for mold growth and helps you keep your home safe after successful removal.