5 New Car Technology Advancements in 2019

  • 1 year ago

Car technologies are evolving at an amazing pace; therefore, it is hardly surprising that at least a couple of tech-oriented upgrades are kept coming in each car model every year. The following are the most up-to-date innovative developments that'll be coming out sometime in the near future that new car customers can look forward to seeing.



1. Economy Mode

Although we take into consideration that most of the drivers are set in their ways and chances are, we can't make the required changes to save our fuels. One example of such would be, we know that by only not using our AC increases our fuel economy when we drive, but rather than just rolling down our window when we could to save fuel, we opt to use the air conditioner to keep us cool. We are simply set in our ways when it comes to running our AC even when we could be just as comfortable at this time with a window down. With the breakthrough and advancement of the Economy Function, the car will certainly be in a position to figure out what systems in the car are non-essential at the moment and turn all of them off to reduce the fuel consumption for the driver; examples could be the cruise controls, AC and some others. The car would certainly start making all these changes for the driver instantly. It is not just an idea actually; some Hybrid cars have an economy setting that controls A/C use on several variants today.

2. Black Box Technology

It is still being discussed like the majority of things that come to safety and security, and many car buyers will undoubtedly mind the concept of the black box being integrated into their personal cars. 

The reality is that both General motors and ford   are already using black Box technologies in about two-thirds of the variants built, but they're known as "recorders." Drivers can expect the advancement of these "recorders" to be able to tell police officers and insurance companies about car accidents, how fast you were driving, where you had driven that day and much more.

3. Cars That Park for You

Yes, a car that actually will do the parking is already in production today. There is already one type of system where the driver keeps his foot on the brake while the car, amazingly enough, parallel parks itself. Its future looks bright, as this type of application could be very useful in the future not just in parking but also use in other tight places like garages.

4. Let the Cars do the Driving

It's no longer just a dream, or something we have seen in the movies, with the advancement of GPS and robotic technology setting your car on Auto Pilot where the navigation system guides the car to its destination while the driver sits back and relaxes will become a reality sooner than many people could imagine. Experimentation and planning are underway with the use of magnets and GPS to make this dream become a reality.

5. Crash Detection

Crash detection is already a fact with the Acura RL, and it is known as the Collision Mitigation System. With any luck ,, sooner or later, all cars would add this sort of safety feature where the cars figure out on its own that a damage is expected and would tell the driver to get ready for impacts because it instantly takes action for the driver by setting up the safety bags, tightens up seatbelts and hits the brakes   and so forth... all its own.

The near future is indeed an exciting time.