4 Must-Try Instagram Analytics Tools

  • 8 months   ago
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Great social media marketing mainly with Instagram, outspreads beyond generating and sharing content. Professional marketers make sure that their strategy is working. Excessively, this is so important as you can never handle something that you cannot measure. Thankfully you can do this by using the Instagram analytics tools. Maybe a marketer has lots of questions arising at the back of the mind. Are my followers even having a look at my posts or not? Do any comments are missing in the post? How could I make my marketing budget better? These are some of the doubts a marketer may have. Keep on reading if you are in the same boat of questions.

Luckily, you don’t have to find the answers to all these questions on your own. With the help of some exciting and powerful tools used to track Instagram analytics, you can keep up your strategy. Not only this, but Instagram analytics tools may also help in planning content and future campaigns. It can be a key feature to reach the goals of social media. The most serious marketers tend to have specific, clear, relevant, and attainable goals.

Let’s find out!

  • Instagram Insights

Before reaching out to other analytics tools, Instagram itself has its own built-in analytics plan. For this, you need to have a business profile. The Instagram app itself provides you a chance to learn about the demographics of your audience, what they are clicking on, when they are online, and what they like to post, see, and share.

Well, Instagram shows information on posts and stories only that you have made since you converted to a business profile. Also, you cannot see the data on the desktop, see or export the data for further analysis.

  • Iconosquare

With the Iconosquare business account, you can have a thorough overview of where your brand is outshining and how it could be more productive. It also helps in assessing the most current 30 days of posts and your profile as well. Later on, Iconosquare will let you try a free visit if their pro dashboard, where you can get all the standard metrics including follower stats, engagement level, story data, etc. other than providing analytics, Iconosquare also deals in social media management and tools scheduling.

Not only this, but Iconosquare supports only Instagram and Facebook accounts.

  • Social Rank

Social Rank is an analytics tool that can definitely grow your account. With this tool, you can simply discover your followers. Twitter and Instagram users both can utilize this tool. It is more than an audience insight tool that provides activity and engagement analysis as well.

For local marketing, social rank can be used as well. For this, you need to search the targeted Instagram users by their location. It will assist you in reaching more potential customers for live events and other engagements. You can narrow down the audience into little portions by using the follower filter on the basis of particular criteria, including the number of followers, gender, specific companies, and a blend of these measures.

  • Sprout Social

Not really different from Iconosquare as it helps in combining the analytics with the content formation and management tools. It organizes a full-featured editorial calendar that lets you schedule new content across several social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


This is one of the best choices for analytic tools for bigger organizations with solid rules. It is because a centralized media library is there to manage built I easy editing tools. Other than that, tool features of Sprout have a social CRM that drops conversations into a smart inbox. You can boost conversations with time by having access. You can easily view the whole contact history, tag messages, and assign tasks.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, social media is decisively simple. To begin with, you just need to learn what your audience needs and are looking for. Secondly, you need to allow what your audience wants continuously. You can do it easily only when you have the right tools.

Instagram can definitely reach new people, expands your brand, and develops the relationship with other social media users. Always choose the best tools and never compromise on the quality.