• 2 years   ago

So we all have written a letter to our friends or family members. But it didn’t require much effort and could be written in any manner which we liked without any rules to follow. But if we talk about writing a professional letter for business purposes, then we need to put in more effort and need to follow a standard guideline for doing the same. 

If you work in the corporate sector, or even if you don’t you might have required to write a business letter for various purposes. Some of the most commonly written business letters are inquiry letter, adjustment letter, thank you letter, resignation letter, etc. The one thing which is common while writing all these business letters is that these require to be written in a crisp and concise manner, without getting too casual. Although, there can be an exception in the situations where you know the recipient well, so you can use a casual tone to write the letter.



Writing a business letter requires us to sit down and think for a while since we want  to include all the relevant information in our letter and don’t want to miss out on any important details like Holidays. So if you know the method right, and what you require to put in the content, then writing a good business letter can be a breeze. 

So if you want to perfect writing your business letter, here are some steps which you can follow:

1. Use the Proper Format: Whatever be the letter you are writing, you should always follow the proper format. Use a Times Roman or Arial Font in size 12. Keep a 1-inch margins on all sides. In case you are emailing the letter, you should use a standard font and nothing fancy. And keep the colours of the font black and white.

2. The Right Kind of Paper: It is preferable to write the letter in a 8.5” by 11’’ inch, which is the standard A4 size or letterhead size. Also, you should use your company's letterhead while writing the letter, since it will represent your company and enable you to communicate better with the receiver. 

3. Use Paragraphs: While writing a business letter, make sure that you divide your text optimally into paragraphs, so that your letter is easily readable and provides a neat and clean interface. Remember to divide your letter into three main parts:

Introduction: This will consist of the first paragraph of your letter. Here, you can introduce yourself or your business. You can brief hee a bit about the reason for writing the letter.

Body: Here, you can expand upon your motive for writing the letter and the other details related to it if any. For instance, if you are writing a donation thank you letter, you can explain a bit about the campaign for which the person has donated, and how their donation has helped you carry on the campaign.

Closing: in closing,you can re-emphasize the reason the reason you wrote the letter, and the action which you expect the recipient to take. In the end, you can thank them for taking out time to read your letter, and state that you are expecting to hear from them soon.


Whenever we write a professional letter, we want to write in the best possible and polished manner. And with experience and practice, it is not really difficult to write a compelling business letter. Several  guidelines have been laid down in practice for writing these letters, and these must be followed as much as possible. We hope through this guide, we could provide you with some useful tips on how to write a business letter in a professional way and make it catch the attention of the reader instantly.