3 Easy Steps To Creating A Nonprofit Website

  • 2 weeks   ago

If you are creating a new website to accept donations, you must create a compelling landing page to get more donations. 

For starters, take a quick look at your website, would you donate for your own platform? If this answer is not clear, you better start working on a landing page!

Many organizations starting to raise funds usually put a link to their PayPal account on their nonprofit site and expect to get lots of donations. But it never really works. Your website needs to be optimized to get donations.

Professional and big nonprofits often use certain platforms to process online donations. These online platforms process all the donations for them and cut their processing fees from them.

Here are the basic criteria that your website needs to meet in order to increase donations over time.

  • It should tell your mission
  • Use content that urges people to donate
  • Offers a simple and friendly donation experience
  • Your website should be optimized for mobile
  • Links to all your social media accounts

While we can write a book explaining each of these steps, we will only explain the most important parts down below.

Make A Bold Mission Statement

Like every other profit and nonprofit organizations, you must also have a clear mission in mind, right? Create a great mission statement for your nonprofit, and explain it clearly on a well-optimized landing page and try capturing more visitors over time.

Just to be clear, you should not over-optimize the landing page, all we need is to make your mission statement clear for the readers and potential donors.

Content Matters The Most

When writing web copies, imagine that you only have 10 seconds to explain your mission to a complete layman who has just landed on your website.

Build strong connections within the industry you are working for. Get testimonials from different related people and put them up on your site.

Tell stories that the potential donors can relate to, and invoke a sense of apathy in them to make them donate.

Optimize The Site For Donors

As a nonprofit, the most important part of your plan is attracting new donations and keep them rolling and increasing over time. If that is what you are interested in, you should optimize your site and make it donor friendly.

Once that is out of the way, it will be easier for your donors to donate. Try to add a button on the site in such a way that every donor is always just one step away from that button.

Another thing to consider is adding the login option, it allows you to collect and save the donor’s payment info (on their consent) and use it for recurring payments. Your donors are more likely to come back and donate when they keep hearing back from you, and you provide them with an easy login option. There will be no need to retype all the payment info over and over again.