23 ways to make the most of your time at home

  • 4 months   ago
23 ways to make the most of your time at home
With the pandemic forcing many to stay at home or reduced number of working hours, here is a list of 23 things that can make your stay at home fruitful and turn it in to fun family time. 
1. Learn a new language or practice your reading, speaking and listening skills using Duolingo or other similar apps.
2. Access online resources of Qatar National Library - ebooks, audiobooks, games and videos, music, magazines, comics and others- through various providers such as BookFlix, Overdrive, etc.
3.Upgrade yourself by doing an online course from open publication such as MIT Open Courseware or Coursera
4. Audio stories, steps to make homemade sand and paper flower are just some of the fun things shared live by Instagram Page of Qatar Children's Museum. Check them out daily for fun things to do indoors. 
5. Here is a platform that guides families on what is appropriate for their children based on their age. Check them out here 
6. Install the Google Arts and Culture App and explore virtual reality tours from the National Museum of Qatar to Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to The British Museum in London
7. Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow announced that it will broadcast several classical opera and ballet performance on its Youtube channel for free viewing. The film reserved for 24 hours for a global audience will premier Boris Godunov today on April 7 and The Nutcracker on April 10.
8. Do activities together with family members - exercise, bake cookies, play games.
9. Contact friends and extended family using online communication apps to video chat. Get them together on a Houseparty (an app) or have a video chat with them on Facetime, Google duo or Skype. 
10. Invest time in personality development or explore new hobbies 
11. Get creative and draw, paint or create some craft work. Learn and try Mandala art, it can be a stress buster too 
12. Polish your cooking skills and try different types of salads or try some healthy recipes. Lot of helpful videos are available on youtube
13. Challenge yourself to do home workout and set new records every day. 
14. Take care of your mental health by trying yoga, meditation and other breathing exercises.
15. Listen to new podcasts on topics that interest you.
16. Rearrange your house and make some new changes to your home.
17. Complete a puzzle: The more the pieces the better! If words are your forte, then try crossword puzzle.
18. Pamper yourself and go for a 10-step skin care routine that you never found the time for during the normal work week. 
19. Learn Calligraphy. Let YouTube help. 
20. Download Ludo game and get three of your other friends to join online. And to break monotony, play with new set of friends and relatives every day.
21. Play an indoor game of Scavenger hunt with your family.  Play an indoor game of Scavenger hunt with your family.  
22. Skip with a rope to get that heart rate up. Begin with a minute of skipping or just compete with the family members to see who does the most. 
23. If you haven’t already, then go viral by making a quarantine-themed TikTok -- there are lots of challenges going on and simple dance steps are trending these days.