15 Coolest Skateboard Parks Around The World

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15 Coolest Skateboard Parks Around The World

Skate parks are built for delicate skaters at all level. There are 15 skateboard parks got recognized around the world. Discover those destinations here.


Skating, in general, requires an open playground that is wide and specified for each type.

Since skateboarding has become a popular iconic street sport, skateboard parks are in need as the particular yard for skaters.

Let’s rank 15 skateboard parks marked as the world-class dream destinations for any passionate skate player.


15 most exceptional skateboard parks countdown list

Skate parks have been around decades. But only in past recent years, it has shown the proliferation of more high-end facilities.

The parks we’ll see below have been credited for premium standard and reputation among long-term board skaters.

Let’s move ahead. 

15. Galit Skatepark, Israel

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Galit Skatepark

Distributed as the first concrete skating ground in Israel, the ramps are graffiti painted. It was built by a local skater from his love for cruising.

14. Holystoked Skatepark, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Type: outdoor

Holystoked skatepark

This is the first free skate park in the country distributed from Zwire skateboarding E.V of Hannover, Germany. It got funded from Levi’s International and hit the record for twenty-one days of constructing.

The park features a volcano centers a royal palm tree. Since its establishment on 2013, the park has hosted flocks of skaters from newbies to the pro.

Built from affection for this recreational sport, the park encourages most children in the neighborhood to come and play.

Though the park doesn’t own superior facilities like ones in the big cities, it offers from basic to advanced challenges coming from some aggressive bowls and hubbas.

It is the rustic touch of the surrounding makes this yard a unique spot for skate maniac. Sadly, this place is currently shut for the legal issue. However, the location is still there for you to visit and perform some tricks.

13. Los Reyes Santiago skatepark

Location: Santiago, Chile

Type: outdoor


Skatepark Los Reyes


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