You Only Need to Press This Point on Your Belly to Get Rid of All Toxins in Your Colon

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We all found ourselves sitting on the toilet and straining, trying to finish a bowel movement. Nonetheless, you probably didn’t know that there is a simple point which you can apply pressure to and which will help you complete the bowel movement.


Locate the spot by measuring three ‘fingerwidths’ exactly under your belly button.

Using your fingers, apply firm pressure to the poop button but not too hard. If it hurts, reduce the pressure

Focus on taking deep breaths as you press down.

Continue to press until you feel the need to poo. It can take as little as ten seconds or up to 3 minutes.

Don’t hold for longer than 5 minutes.

Note: During pregnancy is very gentle, and use the palm of your hand instead of fingertips. 


Dr. Michael Reed Gach, an acupressure therapist, says that this point is also good for all kinds of sexual problems for men and women. The abdominal muscles often tighten during lovemaking, which can block the flow of sexual energy.

Pressing CV 6 and acupressure points around it, can relieve the abdominal tension, strengthen the urinary and reproductive systems, and increase sexual intimacy and pleasure.

Additional tips for bowel movements:


Many toilets around the world require a sitting position, which is wrong for the body. The body needs to be in a squat position for optimal bowel movement.


Pushing very hard when sitting on the toilet is wrong. It stresses the body and can cause bowel bursting or fatal heart arrhythmia in some cases. Also, it can lead to more problems, so the best advice is to be patient.


Adults need to perform 75 minutes of aerobic activity at the minimum every week. Exercises stimulate the contraction of the intestinal muscles. It is important for effective waste elimination.


If you suffer from constant constipation, you need to eat plenty of fiber. So, you hate to consume beans, berries, flax seeds, and prunes. Fiber makes the stool retain water and thus it will be much softer.

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