Why should one consume matcha green tea?

  • 2 years   ago
Why should one consume matcha green tea?

Matcha is a finely ground powder of green tea leaves which are specially grown and processed. Amidst the number of green teas grown across the world, matcha is unique which belongs to Japanese tradition. The matcha is shade grown for three weeks before harvesting and the stems and veins of the plant are removed during the processing. The Japanese have been consuming matcha green tea for hundreds of years as it has been an integral part of their culture or tradition. The reason people have been consuming it for years are the health benefits of these natural ingredients. Usually, people around the world consume green tea but the regular green tea is soaked in hot water and the leaves are removed and hence, one cannot get the complete benefits whereas in case of matcha green tea consists of a fine powder of the green tea leaves and hence one can get the benefit of whole leaves. Below are the specification and benefits of matcha green tea which convince people to consume them over the regular green tea


a. It is higher antioxidant content 

Antioxidants are magical nutrients and enzymes which are highly responsible for fighting against the harmful UV radiations, providing the regular user with improved skin textured and works wonder for aging skin. In addition, the antioxidant content of the green tea helps to prevent a number of diseases which are triggered in the human body due to harmful UV rays such as skin cancer, allergies and more. Raw fruits, green veggies, and dark chocolates are well known to have antioxidants but one cup of matcha green tea provides five times of antioxidants when compared to these foods. 

b. Boosts energy level 

Energy is important for a human being as it helps an individual to perform various functions and if you are not energized you may not be able to achieve the specified goals. Matcha green tea is a great source of long-lasting energy. As per the reports, one cap of matcha can boost the energy level of an individual by 6 to 8 hours and improves the focus, memory as well as concentration level.

c. Detoxifies the body 

The process of farming and processing matcha plays an important role in enhancing detoxification property of the tea. Considering the tradition before three weeks of harvesting the tea leaves the farmers should cover the leaves in order to relieve them from the sunlight which further results in a tremendous increase in chlorophyll production in the new growth of these plants. The high chlorophyll level not only makes the leaves look greener and beautiful but also makes them a powerful detoxifier. Hence, it helps in naturally removing heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body. 

d. Fortifies the immune system 

The antibiotic property of green tea promotes overall health. One cup of matcha green tea provides enough amounts of vitamins A and C, protein, minerals mainly potassium, iron, and calcium. Further, it has also been suggested that the regular consumption of matcha protects one from the attack of HIV and boosts the overall immunity.

e. Supports weight loss 

Reportedly, drinking matcha green tea increases the metabolism of the individual and further helps to burn the body fat faster than the regular green tea. Moreover, it causes no side effects such as increased heart rate or high blood pressure and is a savior for people suffering from obesity. 

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