Who Else Wants A Pill Dispenser?

  • 6 months   ago
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Aging is inevitable and when the time comes you’ll require more medicine to maintain your health – that’s an irrefutable fact. Even more factual is that missed medicine doses or incorrect dosages can cause preventable illnesses, unintentional hospitalization, or worse, death to a senior.

That's why as a caregiver to an aging loved one, you need to ensure they've taken medicine in correct prescribed dosages, and at the right time. But sometimes it's not possible. Why? Caregivers are worn-out as a result of caring for seniors throughout the clock.

A health risk to seniors

This constant caring with little to no breaks in between often leads to fatigue, and they can no doubt become forgetful of all the complicated medication schedules the seniors need to follow. That’s a health risk to seniors under their care.

While caregivers can write down the medication schedules and stick to them, it's a tedious process that’s more likely to result in grave errors and wrong timing in administering medicine. Also, it’s a quick way to overdose or under-dose your aging loved one. Again, very detrimental to seniors health.

What the pill dispenser can achieve

Now as a caregiver you can rest easy knowing there's a pill dispenser that saves you time when dispensing medication to seniors under your care. It's automatic and regularly reminds aging loved ones to take their medication at a particular time. 

It provides massive convenience. It gives you peace of mind and literally keeps your loved one healthy. You don't even have to remind a senior of their missed dose. The pill dispenser will do that for you. It’ll remind them when to take medicine, the right dosage, and dispense at a pre-scheduled time.

What benefits does the dispenser offer?

A reliable dispenser is bundled with amazing advantages. Through technology, it helps seniors remain independent as they recuperate at home or in a senior care facility.

It's an ingenious way of helping seniors to manage their own medication dosages, which helps reduce any chances of overdosing. Put it another way, the dispenser saves seniors from death, illnesses often brought about overdosing or under-dosing or even unnecessary doctor’s visits.

Then again, it's automatic. Just feed the dispenser with presorted medication and make sure to set pre-scheduled times of when it should dispense medicine for your senior loved one. 

Besides providing convenience and independence to seniors, an automatic dispenser provides alerts whenever it requires a refill or if a loved one has missed a dose. The constant reminders are particularly beneficial to families with an aging loved one to take care of.

The pill dispenser is an ingenious technology that saves you time, money, and stress that comes with caring for seniors at home. The dispenser promises you peace of mind and less anxiety. The best part? It comes connected wirelessly to a telephone line that alerts you whenever your loved one misses a dose.