Things You Need to Know About Arrhythmia

  • 11 months   ago
Things You Need to Know About Arrhythmia

Arrhythmia, in general, refers to the situation when the heartbeats of one's heart become either too fast or too slow or maybe sometimes very irregular in nature. The heart is one of the most important organs of the human body does numerous functions but the main one consists of oxygenation and deoxygenation of the blood, that in simple layman's language refers to the purification process of blood.

Some Facts About Arrhythmia

Being the one with the most important function, the heart is quite prone to a number of diseases which are associated with it. For instance, cardinal arrest in general language this is what heart attack is, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia and so on. So for the time being, we will be focussing on the third one which is nothing but a perfect example of abnormal functioning of the heart.

1. It isn’t a Serious Condition but Can Be Lethal if Not Taken Care of



Let us first understand in very detail all those various facts that are associated with arrhythmia. First of all, it is nothing that serious but yes it something that is bearable up to a certain limit only. And as explained in the very beginning that arrhythmia is a kind of cardiac disorder when the beats of the heart are not able to function normally unlike others. The beat may be either too fast or too slow, the repercussions of both of which can be quite lethal in


some of the cases.

2. There are no symptoms for certain conditions of Arrhythmia.
3. The very basic symptoms of arrhythmia consist of dizziness, breathlessness,
4. The common causes of arrhythmia consist of mental stress, drug abuse, and
5. Slow heartbeat does not always mean that the person has Arrhythmia.


Now let us move to the causes of Arrhythmia:
1) Diabetes
2) Alcohol abuse
3) Drug abuse
4) Excessive consumption of coffee
5) Heart diseases like that of heart failure
6) Hypertension-Refers to a situation of high blood pressure
7) Mental stress
8) Hyperthyroidism
9) Change in the structure of the heart due to some prior operations

10) Improper usage of few medicines including herbals even.

It is a fact that a healthy person will never suffer a long-term arrhythmia unless the stimulus is from somewhere outside like that of drug abuse or smoking. Arrhythmia is not that lethal but yes if the patient is feeling the intensity like anything, in that case, arrhythmia can really be lethal. Actually, what happens in this disorder is that the electrical signals to the heart which coordinate the brain do not work properly and this is why Arrhythmia takes place.

Now let us look at some symptoms of Arrhythmia:
1) Breathlessness is technically known as Dyspnoea.
2) Dizziness
3) Syncope that nothing but fainting or nearly fainting
4) Chest pain
5) Light-headedness
6) Sudden and intense weakness

Some Risk Factors

People suffering a few other disorders have a tendency to acquire arrhythmia and that too with high-level risk factors. The various factors that act as a risk-factor are as follows: 

1) Diabetes
2) Old age
3) Heart problem
4) Obesity
5) Drug abuse
6) Excessive caffeine consumption

If your top fall in any of the above-mentioned categories then your arrhythmia can really be lethal, so try to approach your doctor as soon as possible because in this case, situations are not that light and east-going. There are not any levels of arrhythmia as such but in case one finds that his disorder is much more than that it is expected to be then consultancy with your cardiologist is the best option. So, this was all you needed to know about Arrhythmia.