Sinusitis Treatment: When to see an ENT Specialist

  • 2 months   ago

Singapore, highly regarded for its great standard of medical, has many main medical specialists.

Ear Nose Throat Doctors

Sinus problems can be annoying. Not only that, they can go on for an extended period of time, too. Sinusitis are categorised into two: acute and chronic. These two conditions have the same symptoms; however they are still different by nature. Acute sinusitis correlates to colds, which leads to infection.  This sickness is only temporary. Chronic sinusitis, on the one hand, can last for up to three (3) months and may be triggered by several bouts of acute sinusitis prior to being a full blown ailment.

An ENT doctor or otolaryngologist can help address sinusitis in patients. Consider consulting with an ENT doctor straight if you have chronic sinusitis. Frequent signs of chronic sinusitis include discoloured and thick nasal discharges, consistent pain that is felt around the cheeks, nose, eyes, or forehead, inability to smell and taste normally, challenges with breathing due to nasal congestion, and nasal inflammation. You may also experience cough, sore throat, pain in your ears, and fatigue. 

Immediate attention is needed when a patient is already exhibiting fever, confusion, severe headache, swelling of the forehead, vision difficulties, and redness or inflammation surrounding the eyes. These signs and symptoms are telling that the patient is already having a serious sinus infection. 

Your chosen ENT specialist can help you manage your sinus condition and also recommend preventive measures for chronic sinusitis. Most doctors advise patients with sinus problems to avoid places that are polluted and people who smoke. A humidifier may also be suggested to avoid dry air at home. Give your nose a break from chronic sinusitis and treat your sinus today with Dr. Dennis Chua.


When you think you have an eye ailment, you’ll want to look up an ophthalmologist in sunny Singapore. Ophthalmologists are specially trained to apply treatment to all types of eye disorders, be they risky or less so. Eye disorders can vary largely in nature, like exceedingly prevalent eye conditions such as myopia and astigmatism, to more dangerous optical ailments that left untreated, may destroy your vision, like age-related macular degeneration. Set an appointment with your eye doctor if you notice peculiar transformations in your vision. Early detection for eye disorders may save not only your sight and quality of life, but additionally might also greatly lower costs of treatment.

Cataracts is one of the most common eye conditions which afflicts especially the aged Singaporeans. With near certainty, every single individual will develop cataracts. It is only a matter of when it will happen. When it occurs, you start getting cloudy visions and your general sense is impeded. There is only one long lasting cure for cataracts, and that’ll involve going under the knife. For cataract surgery in Singapore, which are 2 main methods for cataract procedures in Singapore, traditional or laser. A qualified eye doctor will be able to advise which procedure to undertake for any individual, depending on his/her conditions.

Often, a major reason for individuals to pay a visit to eye specialist is seek remedy severe retina defects which require surgery. When given the option, most Singaporeans opt for private-sector eye doctors as they desire the option to seek the most recommended doctor they can afford. Surgical procedures for AMD may cost charges approximately in the tens of thousands Singaporean dollars. Before you start despairing at the steep bill, these are legitimate medical abnormalities that are fully claimable under private hospitalization insurance.

Men or Sexual Test Doctor

Though not officially classified as a specialization under Singapore MOH, men's and also women's health care centres are unique in the way that they provide a set of problems. Sexual health is an extremely particular sector and it requires a medical professional who is schooled in the topic and the diseases that are related sexual wellness to effectively examine, and to discreetly handle the problems that are identified. All of the assessments you go through regarding the subject of sexual health are greatly confidential. The attending physician in charge and clinic manpower should be extremely mindful with this as well as ensure these files should not be exposed.

If you have been likely exposed to HIV, your doctor could need to get a blood sample from you for HIV evaluation. This unique blood specimen might then be directed for lab testing to determine whether it responds laboratory grown virus proteins. HIV and also STD assessments are quite affordable in the Garden City; prices generally stay with two or three hundred dollars. These clinics also have particular treatments formulated specifically for both genders.

For example, men can choose testosterone substitution therapy if they're struggling with lower levels of testosterone due to drug/steroid old age or abuse. For men who are having difficulty attaining an erection, the doctor will often suggest prescription medicines such as Cialis so as to fix the problem. With advancements in modern medicine, clinical doctors currently have advanced ways to treat ED. An illustration of this is the usage of ultrasound technologies in the treatment method for erectile dysfunction.