More Information About A Dental Lip Lift And What It Entails

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A lip lift involves a plastic surgery procedure which is performed to shorten the area between your nose and the pink section of the lip (upper philtrum) to give you a more beautiful or youthful appearance of the mouth and lower face. By shortening your upper lip, more teeth are shown when you smile or speak, giving you a healthy and young-looking smile.

How Do Lip Lifts Associate With Dentistry?

Lip lifts are connected to cosmetic dentistry because the upper lip defines several things in dentistry, including the number of teeth showing when you’re talking or smiling, The V and F sounds, and also your appearance. When we age, our lips start losing their elasticity and droop, which is why the upper lip starts lengthening and gets thinner. Traditional dental therapy planning entails constructing of the teeth length to the aged lip length.

Lip Lifts As Cosmetic Dentistry

When we get older, our lip starts changing, causing elongation and thinning of the lip. Cosmetic procedures like fillers can accelerate such aging effects. Furthermore, aging leads to changes which make the teeth appear shorter and less visible. Until not long ago, patients who wanted to improve their smile as well as restore their youthful appearance either had to augment their teeth through cosmetic dentistry or their lips with cosmetic surgery. However, with a combination of both, a patient has the promise for dramatic improvements in addressing these signs of aging. You can visit this website for more info about lip lifts. Dental practices today that specialize in these cosmetic treatments recognize the value of combining cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery in treating patients. Cosmetic dentists can work side by side with top plastic surgeons to perform lip-lift surgery to ensure the best outcome for their patients. This concept is revolutionary in the dental industry whereas opposed to basing the teeth length on the thinned lip; dentists can now work with a team of top plastic surgeons to restore the lip to its original, youthful position after which the teeth are restored to a shape that perfectly fits the patient’s face. By incorporating this method into dentistry, dentists can now offer patients with restored teeth, but also perfect mouths, lips, and faces.



What Does The Lip Lift Procedure Bring About?

 Surgical approaches for the lip can be different, contingent on the surgeon and the patient’s lip condition. This procedure, however, has many benefits that include:

  • Enhanced tooth display during smiling and at rest.

  • A more youthful appearance around the lower face and mouth.

  • A smaller area between the upper lip and nose.

  • Increased definition of philtral columns and cupids bow.

  • Subtle aversion or pout of the lip.

  • Uneven corners of the mouth get fixed.

Who Are Typically Good Candidates For A Lip Lift?

People that have the following issues:

  • Thin and long upper lip.

  • Teeth are not showing when smiling, speaking, or at rest.

  • Had previous lip fillers that led to “duck lips.”

  • Uneven corners of the mouth.

  • The feeling of your mouth, “appearing old.”

  • Smile makeovers with dental implants or veneers.