Many Benefits Of Banana Tree: Nature's Gift For Your Health

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Many Benefits Of Banana Tree: Nature's Gift For Your Health

Banana or Plantain is a standout amongst the most relished organic products, and however they come in different shapes, sizes and assortments, two of these assortments are broadly utilized: 

Musa sapientum – These organic products are little and crude ones are utilized as vegetable. 

Musa paradisica – These organic products are huge and eaten when ready. 


In Ayurveda banana is alluded by different equivalent words like Kadali, Vaarnaa, Mocha, Ambusara, Anshumatiphala. Different assortments are likewise portrayed – Manikya kadali, Martyak kadali, Amrita kadali, Champak kadali, and so forth. 

Legendary Significance 

It is considered as one of the consecrated trees and symbolizes Lord Vishnu. The natural product is offered to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi for satisfaction in family and wedded life. The Banana leaves symbolize development and recovery and in favorable functions leaves are fixing to the columns and sustenance is served on them. 

Banana Tree Uses 

As indicated by Ayurveda, every one of the pieces of the Banana tree have mending properties. The banana tree utilizes are recorded as pursues: 

Bloom Of Banana Tree 

It is sweet and astringent in taste. The properties are unctousness, substantial and cold. It mitigates Vata, Pitta, blood issue and skinniness. 


Juice of blossoms with curd helps in meno metrorrhagia (overwhelming seeping amid monthly cycle). 

Blooms are taken as imbuement for excruciating menses. 

Blooms of Banana and Albizia lebbek (Shirish) blended with Pippali (long pepper) are beat with rice water is useful in Asthma. 

Stem Of Banana Tree 

Juice of stem reduces Vata issue and thirst. 

Juice of stem helps in flushing out kidney stones. 

Sherbet (syrup) is given in hack. 

Inward delicate stem is eaten as a vegetable. 

Leaves Of Banana Tree 

Kshara (Alkali) arranged from fiery remains of Banana leaves is blended with flour and made into glue. Admission of this mitigates stomach issue. 

Soluble base blended with turmeric is useful in skin issue. 

Leaves are wrapped on wounds for appropriate mending. 

Corm Of Banana Tree 

It is sweet in taste and cold in property. 

It expands stomach related flame, taste and quality. 

It lightens acridity and consuming sensation. 

Natural products (Bananas) 

Crude and Ripe natural products have the accompanying culinary and restorative advantages: 

Crude Banana Fruit 

It is cool, overwhelming and unctuous in properties, builds Kapha and reduces Pitta, Vata, thirst, consuming sensation, wounds, anorexia and diabetes. 

In stomach issue unripe natural products are steamed a little and made into bread. It is taken with curd without greasy layer. 

Unripe Banana organic product broiled on charcoal eases dyspnoea (Difficult or toiled breath). 

Ready Banana Fruit 

It is sweet in taste, cold in property and has sweet post stomach related impact. It is love potion, anabolic and improves your taste sensation. 

It is useful in appetite, thirst, eye issue, is an astringent and helps in assimilation. In extreme release of menstrual blood, banana natural products blended with ghee ought to be taken. 

Dynamic Nutrients: It is a great wellspring of Vit A, Vit. B6, Vit. C, Vit. D, Manganese, Potassium, and solvent fiber. 

Different Benefits of Ripe Banana: 

  • It has gentle diuretic property. 

  • It enables increment to center and mental keenness. 

  • It kills sharpness. 

  • It decreases Blood Pressure, danger of stroke and neurodegenerative sicknesses Example: Alzheimer's infection. 

  • It hoists state of mind, loosens up the brain, is useful in premenstrual disorder (PMS), and wretchedness. 

  • It very well may be connected locally as the mash is useful in treating the consumes and wounds. 

  • It very well may be utilized as a face pack to counteract wrinkles. 

  • It is utilized as a hair pack for dry hair. 

  • It is useful in morning disorder.