Infertility in women and home made remedies

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Infertility in women and home made remedies

👉It is another opportunity to explore the wealth of Nature as we look at some of the causes and remedies for infertility in Women.

👉 Infertility (in woman) refers to difficulty or inability to conceive as a woman.

👉It could be as a result of the following ;





👉Damage or Blockage of the Fallopian Tube 



👉 Hormonal imbalance 


👉Ovulation problem 

👉Female reproductive cancer 

👉Some certain medication

Some of the symptoms are;

👉Inability to be pregnant 


👉Painful periods 

👉Abnormal periods 

👉No periods 

👉Irregular periods 

👉Abnormal ovulation 

👉Pain during sexual intercourse 

👉Hair loss 

👉Frequent ache 

👉Changes in sex drive 

👉Changes in skin

Woman Infertility Remedy


👉Bark of Kola nut

(in Yoruba, Epo Eyin Igi Obi), 

👉Water 💧


👉 Peel and boil the bark of native kola nut tree with enough water.


👉Take half glass 2 times daily for two weeks.


👉You will be warming it everyday to prevent it from spoiling or keep it in the refrigerator.

Other Remedies include;


Consuming this fruit or taking a natural supplement that has this boost fertility in women. 

It's so rich in nutrients.

👉Maca roots

This is also very useful in female fertility treatment as they help balance hormones and restore fertility


Has a lot of Nutrients that can restore fertility in women. 

Because of the sweetness, I recommend adding it to smoothies instead of consuming it directly. 

They are very cheap and easily accessible.


It's an exotic fruit which you easily add to your diet through a good Natural Organic Supplements.

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Source: 360 Wellness