How to not get sick during cold & flu season

  • 8 months   ago
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As the temperatures drop lower, the number of your co-workers with the sniffles seems to go higher. Maybe you've accepted your fate as a future casualty to the flu, but if you're determined to stay cough- and cold-free this season, it's time to build your defenses. Cold and flu season peaks through February, meaning you'll want to get on it ASAP.
Here are some tips to avoid the chance of getting sick: 

Wash and Wipe

Using a hand sanitizer at least once a day and disinfecting wipes work well in reducing the spread of viruses on surfaces in the home. shared computers, phones, tables, and desktops are the areas where researchers find the most cold viruses.

Designate Towels

Having separate towels for each person is a good idea to reduce germ sharing.

Eat Healthy

You should eat a healthy diet to build your immunity rather than supplement with Vitamin C. Get plenty of antioxidants by having fruits and greens.

Schedule More Workout

Working out is a strategy you need to have in your cold and flu prevention plan. Exercising for at least 20 minutes five or more days a week may cut your chance of catching a cold  by nearly 50 percent.

Break Out the Humidifer

The mucus membranes in your nose are part of your first line of defense against invaders, but heated rooms can dry them out. If your nose is dry, try not to touch your mucosal membranes–which is hard to do, Having a saline nasal gel on hand can help, tissues too.

Drink More Water

If you get dehydrated, your blood pressure drops, which means your heart is not able to send as much nutrition to your organs, H2O also helps your skin stay healthier.

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