Health-Related Reasons Why You Should Consider Adopting a Cat

  • 11 months   ago
Health-Related Reasons Why You Should Consider Adopting a Cat

Moving to Qatar with your job or family could be somewhat of a cultural shock, especially for Westerners. There are different customs and business practices that might take a while to grasp. 
For those of you who want to adjust to the brand new culture faster or those who want to feel less lonely when they come back home from work, adopting a furry pet could prove a great solution. And, if you don’t want to have to take it outside for a walk daily, you should consider getting a cat instead of a dog. Here are some benefits that might help you make up your mind easier. 

Provides companionship
As we previously mentioned, adjusting to a different city, country, and culture is not easy, especially in the first months after you arrive in Qatar. Those who feel lonely and can’t seem to make friends just yet could truly benefit from the companionship of a cute feline. 
Although you might argue that not all cats are warm and enjoy cuddling, they will still look for affection every once in a while, and you’ll still have someone to come home to. In fact, one Swiss study conducted in 2003 went as far as saying that owning a cat provides a similar experience as having a romantic partner. 
One easy way to earn your cat’s love and build a friendship is to offer it treats and high-quality food. And, while you’re at work, make sure your “purrfect” animal has enough water to stay hydrated. A cat water dispenser is a smart and efficient method to ensure your pet won’t suffer the consequences of extreme temperatures in this part of the world.



Work on your social skills
Owning a cat will not only teach you more about responsibility but will also help you engage in conversations easier. Cats provide a natural and casual conversation topic that can help you meet new people from various environments and actually enhance your ability to socialize. 
According to a recent scientific study, women feel more attracted to men who own a cat because it shows intelligence, sensitivity, empathy, and affection. 


Reduces stress and anxiety 
Various medical studies suggest that cats are one of the most calming animals, even though they might look like they don’t like you too much in the beginning. A short petting session of 5-10 minutes acts like a drug to the human brain, releasing endorphins and allowing you to relax and feel happier.
In time, owning an animal can prove extremely beneficial to your mental health as it reduces stress, anxiety, and can even prevent mild forms of depression. 

Boosts immunity 
The easiest way to build a strong immune system is to get in contact with as many environments as possible. Another way is to own a pet, especially a furry one like a cat or a dog. 
Prolonged exposure to fur and dander in the house will increase your resistance to allergens, diminishing the risk of respiratory system affections, and boosting the production of antibodies that will fight to protect you. 

They are self-sufficient 
Believe it or not, cats can teach you a lot about life just by looking at them. They are not only naturally majestic and extraordinary hunters but they are also self-sufficient. They only seek attention in certain moments and are not codependent as dogs or other animals. 

They can bathe on their own and look after their personal hygiene and won’t suffer if they are left alone the entire day. In fact, many cats prefer some alone time and, since they can sleep for up to 20 hours a day, they won’t be bothered by your long absence.