• 11 months   ago
"Health is a gift, relish ut while you still have it." A very meaningful saying and we must be glad that the facilities of health in Qatar live up to the standard set by the world. Healthcare in Qatar is consistently rated as among the best in the Middle-East. Qatar’s doctors, many of whom are expats, are highly proficient and both Qatar’s public and private hospitals are excellent.
Qatar's public health care is benefitted by huge state investments and are therefore well equipped and sufficiently staffed. The public healthcare system operates through the state-run Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), which directs Qatar’s public medical facilities. Public services are accessed through a government issued HEALTH CARD which can be applied for at any HMC healthcare centre. Although subsidised public healthcare significantly reduces the cost of treatment, expats may still have to pay some medical costs.
On the other hand, private healthcare sector is a fast growing sector mostly driven by a quicker service and an increase in Qatari population. It provides a person which more choices on medical procedure and the person who will treat them. Expats usually go for private healthcare mostly because their employers either subsidise or provide for their medical insurance. 
Pharmacies are common in Qatar, with many 24-hour pharmacies operating in Doha. Qatari residents using their health cards can receive subsidised medicine from state-run pharmacies.
999 in the general emergency number for Qatar and calls can be answered in English and Arabic. Qatar Red Crescent operate their own ambulance services. Helicopter emergency rescue services are available across the country.
Therefore, health is treated as a primary service for all the residents of Qatar and serious measures are taken to ensure the well-being of every person.