Health Benefits of Sunflower Lecithin

  • 1 year ago
Health Benefits of Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower lecithin is a generic term for the various fatty substances that are found in the sunflower. While they can come from different part of the sunflower, the seeds are best known for the storage of these fatty substances. For decades, sunflower seeds have been considered by nutrition experts as a healthy food for human consumption. Some of the health benefits of sunflower lecithin include;

Lowers cholesterol

Sunflower lecithin is capable of balancing cholesterol levels in your blood. That is because they are known to be essential fat emulsifier. That means they are capable of breaking down fats in your body system to finer parts that can be fully utilized by the body to produce heat energy. The reason why sunflower Lecithin can break down fats is because of the linoleic acid that is highly concentrated in sunflower seeds.


Improves the nerve system

Sunflower lecithin is rich in fatty acids. What most people don’t know is that fatty acids are the building block of the nerve tissues. Your nerve system is built with a network of sheath that is responsible for transmission. When the body takes in the sunflower lecithin, fatty acids are responsible for the repair and improve your general neurotransmission.

Improved liver health

Fats are known to get deposited around various parts of the body including the liver. The issue is that when there are so many fats around the organ, you are at a high risk of getting a bad infection. If not attended to at the right time, this can lead to severe health complications such as liver cirrhosis and diabetes. However, sunflower lecithin can be used to treat and prevent such health risks from occurring thanks to the fact that it contains phospholipid. 

Good for brain health

Sunflower lecithin contains some of the essential phospholipids needed for development and repair of the brain cells. As mentioned earlier, the lecithin is suitable for the nerve system which is directly attached to the brain. The phospholipids which have unusually long names like phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylinositol ensures that your brain cells are intact and that can improve the normal functioning of the brain including your memory or making fast decisions while in the field playing your favorite sport.

Good for the heart

Body fats are the number one enemy of the heart because when they get deposited around the heart, then you know that you are in trouble. However, since the sunflower lecithin has fat emulsifying abilities, sunflower seeds can protect you from heart complications such as reverse damage from a coronary disease


If you are having health problems that are fat related, then you need to get the sunflower seeds in your diet. However, before you do so, you will want to safely browse the internet while doing more research about your condition. If you are already ailing from body fat related infections and you would like to use the sunflower lecithin as part of your treatment, it is crucial that you get a go-ahead from a professional doctor. That is because you don’t want to mess up considering that you are already on medication.