Bleaching hair when a woman is pregnant

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bleaching hair while pregnant, can you bleach your hair while pregnant

Many women undergo hair treatment during pregnancy. They undergo hair treatment to look beautiful and to nourish their scalp. But, preferably they should not apply any concentrated chemicals, because they develop rashes or other skin infections. But, researchers till today have not stated that due to bleaching of hair or face, harmful effects are caused. Yet, some researcher states that high dosage of chemicals or dye can cause harm to the baby. Most of the chemicals are not toxic and hence also the hair dyes are not toxic. So, a woman can color her hair when she is pregnant.

Applying dyes when pregnant

But a woman should not apply dyes in excessive quantity. Some doctors suggest that a woman can dye her hair after completing 12 weeks of pregnancy. But, a woman should use hair dye after completing two trimesters, because the fetus is not damaged. But, she should undertake some precautious steps while applying dye to her hair. The risk of chemicals harming the baby is lesser after 12 weeks. She should preferably apply a mild dye that contains natural ingredients and not concentrated chemicals.

A woman can bleach hair but should be careful. Bleaching hair while pregnant is safer if she follows some useful tips. She should apply gloves before applying the dye.

She should apply the dye as quickly as possible and not unnecessarily waste her time applying.

The dye should be applied to the hair in a ventilated room.

The hair dye should be applied and retained on the hair only for a shorter period. It should not penetrate the root of the hair follicles or scalp.

A woman can also apply bleach to her hair containing hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals are not toxic and can be safely used during the pregnancy.

If a woman is not sure about using a dye, then she should apply after 2nd trimester. She should carefully follow the instructions written on the package.

She should not retain the dye on the hair for a long period.

After applying dye, she should wet her hair.

The dye should be applied only to the strands of hair and not to the scalp or the root of the hair.

She should wash her hair immediately after it is dried.

The hair dye should be absorbed only to the hair and it should not penetrate to the bloodstream. A woman should apply the dyes that are made of pure vegetable extracts, and are safe to the hair.

So, can you bleach your hair while pregnant?

During pregnancy, the body is undergoing many changes. So, she should not apply the dye in excessive quantity. It produces a different reaction and it becomes less absorbent. It is also frizzy and the hair may begin to fall.

During pregnancy, a woman should always take care of her health, because she undergoes hormonal changes. So, any change in chemical can cause reaction. During pregnancy, if a woman is always exposed to lead, then she can experience problems such as miscarriage, preterm delivery, or less birth-weight. So, she can apply the dye when she is pregnant. She should preferably apply a permanent or a semi-permanent dye. So, a woman can apply some of the healthiest color dyes to the hair that are free from concentrated chemicals.