8 Tips for Setting up Your Very Own Home Gym

  • 2 weeks   ago

When it comes to working out, one of the biggest factors you should take into account is convenience. You might have a membership with a respected gym or a great trainer, but if you just started working out again, the distance of your home and the gym could really derail your fitness journey. The best solution to this problem is to create your own home gym.By having your very own home gym, you won’t have to drive or walk a long distance to work out. Here are 8 Tips for setting up your very own home gym.  

1. Avoid Buying Bulky Machinery

If you are going to invest in a home gym, you should avoid buying bulky machinery. Although large scale gyms can have large scale machinery, they are not compatible with home gyms. This is especially true if you have limited space. Bodybuilding machines are also very expensive to purchase and maintain. Overall, it is a good idea to avoid buying body building machinery. 

2. Purchase Punching Bags and Mitts

Boxing is both an aerobic exercise, and a resistance one as well. So it makes sense that you invest in boxing equipment. Compared to body building machinery, boxing equipment is a lot easier to store and maintain. All you need is a space to hang your punching bags, and do your shadow boxing exercises. 

3. Set up a Mini Bar 

Aside from being a great place to work out, your home gym could also be set up with a mini bar. It can be a lounge where you and your family can just hang out and relax after a workout. To differentiate your mini bar area from the rest of your home gym, you can decorate it with bar paraphernalia and the appropriate lighting. 

Neon lights for bar are the perfect type of lighting for this kind of design, and will give it a truly retro and classy vibe. Just remember that the mini bar is still part of your home gym, so you should not stock it up with liquor or sugary drinks. Opt for juice drinks and protein shakes instead.

4. Decorations are Key

Aside from exercise equipment, you should make sure that you decorate your home gym with the right decorations. Remember that the gym should compel you to work out as much as possible.

As such, you should decorate it in a way that you’ll be excited to work out as much as possible. You could decorate it with pictures of famous athletes and bodybuilders to inspire you. You could also utilize neon lights to enhance your gyms overall look. 

5. Install as Much as Padding as Possible

When it comes to making a home gym, safety is key. So you should install as much padding as possible. There are many types of padding such as vinyl mats and foam mats. They are very important to gym safety because they can help cushion falls, and provide ample footing and support for calisthenics and other exercises. They could also help soften any impacts when you do weight training.  Overall, padding is an integral part of any home gym.

6. Invest in Free Weights

Although you should not invest in bulky weight machines, you should invest in free weights. They are not only great for muscle building, they can also be used for a myriad of exercises. 

They are also quite easy to store and maintain. Just remember that weights are made of metal, and they can be quite heavy. So it is important that you follow strict rules when using them in the gym. Make Sure that you use them with proper technique, and don’t drop them because they can cause damage to both you and your floor. After you finish using them, you should wipe them off to prevent rust and store them in the weight rack.

Free weights might be a bit pricey, and you will need to be careful with them, however their efficiency and relatively small storing space makes them a perfect addition to your home gym.

7. Battle Ropes

Although battle ropes are a relatively new addition to gyms, they are still extremely effective work out tools. battle ropes are weighted ropes that are used for both resistance and cardiovascular training. You will need some space in order to use them properly, however. Once you are done with them, you can just store them in a closet or in a corner of the gym. Just make sure that you wipe them off for any excess moisture, because they can cause rot in the ropes. You should also check for any frayed or loose ends in the rope, because they can cause accidents and injuries in the long run. 

8. Invest in Proper Lighting 

Proper lighting is one of the most important aspects in a gym. A poorly lit gym can be extremely dangerous. You could trip on weights and smash into the wall, or your feet could get snagged on the ropes. You won’t even be able to do calisthenics or boxing routines, because you might bump into other pieces of equipment. So proper lighting is a necessity. 

So you should invest in proper lighting. You could use traditional light bulbs and hang them to the ceiling. You could also install wall mounted lights, and place them near the mirrors because they can help illuminate the room through refracted light. 

You should avoid certain light fixtures such as lamps or standing lamps because they take too much floor space, and might get snagged or tripped on during the workout. When it comes to installing lights in your gym, you should be as strategic as possible. Try to use every bit of the ceiling and the walls, and avoid using floor space.  



Although gym memberships are a great way to lose weight, driving all the way to the gym can sap your will to exercise. One of the best ways to ensure that you work out is to have your own home gym. With these tips you will be able to create your very own home gym in the most effective way possible.