5 Basic Types Of Exercise Machines you should use Daily

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If you have a gym membership, then start using it regularly. Exercise is healthy and good for you. With all the types of exercise machines and workouts out there, today you are probably a bit confused as to what is right to use for you. Each exercise machine is made for an individual purpose whether it is to tone up abs or strengthen muscles. Here are the five basic types of exercise machines you should use daily, why you should use them. Every fitness center will have these kinds of exercise machines and if you get on with them then buy one or more of these for your home. 
Elliptical Machines
Fitness elliptical machines and cross trainer machines offer whole body workouts that still offers low impact exercise at the same time. These are kind of like multi-purpose gym equipment because you can stimulate climbing, walking and even running on these. The modern ones are sleek and stylish and are worth the one-time investment if you are serious about getting a workout which impacts your entire body. 
Treadmills are primary running and walking machines. These are powered by a motor which runs and turns the belt you stand on. Some of the more modern treadmills have extra cushioning so the impact on your joints is sufficiently decreased and some even have built-in stereos and quick touch LCD screens! Treadmills were the first piece of electronic fitness equipment to hit the market when the fitness trend became popular. 
Cycle Exercise Bike 
A cycle exercise bike is the same as a bike and offers you the same stimulation but only stationary. A bicycle is used not only for exercise but transport. These exercise machines offer various settings and options to choose from depending on your experience and level of fitness. These are great if you like the comfort of sitting down but still want a good workout. You can even get portable machines which fold up and store away easily if you want to store them in at tight space at home. 
Step and Climbing Machines 
There are two types of these machines out today, and both simulate stair climbing. One type is called the step mill and feels similar to an escalator. The difficulty and speed can be adjusted, and you can choose to do an intense workout by doing two rather than one step at a time. The second type is known as pedal type steppers. These are designed smaller in size, and the user has to push down on pedals. Again with this machine, the speed and difficulty can be adjusted. The great thing about these devices is that the combined technology of built-in fans, stereos and tracking systems make your workout just that little bit more fun. 
Rowing Machine
A rowing machine is a workout which will take up the most of your energy. You are stimulating the action of rowing a boat. This will help strengthen many muscles and improve your overall posture. This equipment will help muscular and endurance and the lower body. This is probably one of the more popular exercise machines found in the gym. 
Other Basic Fitness Equipment 
Aside from these five basic exercise machines, there are many to choose from. The choice and variety are endless so choosing what is right for your body and fitness level can be hard. Beginners are advised to begin slowly and steady and to continue onwards and upwards with more challenging and strenuous workouts. 
Most Treadmills for sale provide a great workout. You can run or walk and enjoy indoor exercise while losing weight and training your body. Exercise bikes are also an excellent choice for this purpose but offer the user a different type of workout. These exercise machines can be installed at home or used at the gym. The great thing about exercise machines today is that modern technology is combined with traditional workouts meaning you can watch TV while working out, listen to music or even take advantage of built-in fans to keep you cool. Don’t hesitate when considering using gym equipment because they have more benefits attached to them than you think.