11 Cancer-Causing Foods You Are Consuming Without Even Realising

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Cancer is a disease that floats around us like a death eater who forcefully snatches away us from our very essence, bit by bit. It is indeed a sad tragedy to befall anyone. All of us have heard a story when someone is going about their lives, being all happy-go-lucky and, suddenly, the doctor tells them that they have this oh-so-dreaded disease. Their whole world shifts. What are they supposed to do then? Did they ask for it? Of course, not! But they still have to fight it. 


What if I tell you that this ordeal can be treated before it even occurs to some extent? It could be done by eating right. Yes, you read that right! There are so many things that we eat without even realising the damage that we are causing to our bodies. It affects adults, children, the old. Everyone. There are so many foods lying in plain sight which will make you think, "Woah, I should really stop eating those right now"!

Canned Food 

You should know that the lining of most of the cans contains bisphenol-A, or BPA for short and the people who are exposed to high enough level can increase the chances of developing brain cancer. It is a good thing that some canned foods are being packed sans BPA due to persistent health warnings. Nonetheless, you should check the labels to make sure. According to 1MD, canned tomatoes are the worst things that you can buy. Go for fresh and organic tomatoes instead. 

Hydrogenated Oils  

The fact that hydrogenated oils are bad for health cannot be emphasized enough. The body makes use of fats to repair the cellular membranes, so naturally, the dietary fat that people consume will shape the cellular membranes. This process matches the definition of cancer which is, uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells and hydrogenated oils work to design such cells. So, please try to avoid it. 

This one might come across as a bummer. Yes, Microwaveable Popcorns are bad for us as it is highly carcinogenic says 1MD. The lining of the bag is polished with chemicals which get soaked up by the porous popped kernels. That's not it, artificially popped, soaked in butter popcorns, release fumes which carry toxic carcinogenic chemicals.     Read till the end to know what is that one food that your kids love to eat but are one of the biggest reasons to cause cancer. 

So, it turns out that the less alcohol you drink, the lower risk you have of developing cancer. No type of alcohol is good for your health, be it beer, wine or whiskey. Alcohol damages the body and if you smoke while having alcohol, then my friend, you are taking a big risk. It causes breast cancer and other complications in women. 

Ut Southwestern says that a research was done at the John Hopkins School of Medicine which found out that 4-Mel, a caramel dye present in dark soda, is proven to increase the chances of cancer. After knowing this, would you still want to drink it?   

The same case is with bottled water because it carries BPA. It is present in canned food, and popcorn bags. After writing this, it only makes me wonder where else would we find it? Bisphenol disrupts hormones, leading to cancer. 

Artificial sweeteners, especially, Aspartame, deem to be very dangerous and carcinogenic. And when you look at the present day scenario of people consuming artificial sweeteners at the drop of the hat, then you can imagine how much they are risking their lives. 

Have you been told to eat more fish? This could be because it has omega-3 fatty acids. But the truth is, farmed fish is not really healthy. The reason behind is, there are so many fish, placed in a tiny place, so controlling the spread of disease outbreaks become a crucial part. Farmers don't necessarily take that into consideration, involving toxic chemicals, and the mercurial content of the salmon does not help the case either.  

Consuming red meat every day could be dangerous from the point of view of cancer as the meat that is eaten has chemicals in it given to animals to control diseases. The chemicals are carcinogenic which is why I don't have to tell you again how dangerous it is.  

Did you know that consumption of pickled and salted foods lead to stomach cancer and other gastrointestinal cancers? The preservatives added to the food increases the shelf life does irreparable damage to your DNA or RNA, so you should be extremely careful! 

Did you know that eating just one hot dog raises an adult's risk of developing colorectal cancer by 21 percent? 

Children whose hot dog intake is 12 or more than 12, have an increased risk of developing leukemia. After researching, I found out that hot dogs are infused with carcinogens like Sodium Nitrate, Artificial flavours, Sodium Ascorbate, Corn syrup (GMO product), Dextrose (sugar), Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Phosphates. And, that's not it when the hot dogs are heated, nitrates and nitrites come together and form a compound called nitrosamines. This is also a type of carcinogen. So, next time when your kids force you to get them a hot dog, think twice before buying!

There are so many foods surrounding us which tempt to consume them, but little do we know how harmful and dangerous they could be to our health and well-being. I hope you take care of yourself!

Health is Wealth. Save your health, save your children!    

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