10 Foods to Never Eat Before Exercise

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Besides possibly causing a mean case of tummy trouble, carbonated drinks (e.g., mineral water, soda) often contain a load of sugar. Carbonation may also prevent water and other fluids from reaching muscle tissues.




Beans are one of the healthiest, most nutrient-dense foods around. Loaded with protein and fiber, they are great for any other meal besides one that precedes a workout. We all know what sometimes happens when we eat beans – so no need to go into further details.


Come to think of it, protein bars may actually be the most overhyped fitness product. The only exception is a bar that is under 200 calories, over 10 grams of protein, and a couple of grams of sugar, max. But most protein bars, aside from tasting like cardboard, are not conducive to a quality workout.


The vast majority of energy drinks are carbonated and loaded with sugar. While a bit of caffeine (less than 250 milligrams) can help fuel your workout, energy drinks are not the way to go. Instead, try a quality green or black tea.


 The pre-workout meal should serve one purpose: to hydrate and fuel your workout. Ideally, you’ll want to eat one to two hours before lacing up. A meal of 200-300 calories will suffice for a medium- to high-intensity workout lasting 60-90 minutes.

Here are few excellent foods to eat before working out:

  • A whole-wheat bagel with banana and peanut butter (yum!)
  • 1 serving of oatmeal with sliced fruit or berries
  • ½ turkey sandwich with two slices of turkey, low-calorie mayonnaise, and tomato slice on whole-grain bread
  • A small chicken breast with a scoop of brown rice
  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt and a tablespoon of fresh blueberries

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