Football Facts That Are Unbelievably Amazing

  • 9 months   ago
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Even if you are the most adherent fan of football, there may still be a few facts that might blow your mind. For instance, did you know that least one Bayern Munich player has been part of every World Cup final since 1982? Amazing isn’t it!

Read on to know some more similar football trivia to impress others.

1. Bayern has one of its players in the starting World Cup final line-up since 1982

It might not seem true, but there has been at least one Bayern player in the World Cup final starting line-up since 1982. We know how hard it can be to believe how a club can have a player featuring in every World Cup final. But if you have a look at the history the Germans have appeared in the World Cup finals for 1982, ’86, ’90, ’02 and 2014. On the other hand, players like Jorginho (for Brazil in 1994), Bixente Lizarazu (for France in 1998), Willy Sagnol (for France 2006) and Arjen Robben (for Netherlands 2010) have also featured.

2. Clive Allen was made the costliest teenager in football during the 1979/80 session

During the 1979/80 seasons at the QPR, Clive Allen became one of the most successful players has scored 28 goals. He was bought by Arsenal in the same season for a whopping £1.25m to campaign at Palace. With the club, Allen played three pre-season friendlies before Selhurst Park got hold of him. Later in 1984, he joined Tottenham and enjoyed an unprecedented success scoring 49 goals in just one football season. 

3. Mark Hughes played for Bayern Munich and Wales on the same day, once. 

The tournament was the Euro 88 qualifier and Hughes has just signed up for Bayern. However, he was due to play against Czechoslovakia for Wales in Prague. He recalls the day, “I had dinner with Uli Hoeness who asked me what time the Wales match was.”

“I told him it was around midday and he said: ‘That’s OK then, you can play in the evening as well.'”

Hoeness watched Hughes play for Wales and then flew him to play for the Bayern against the Borussia Monchengladbach on the other side of the Czech border. Bayern won the game, but Mark Hughes was able to play in the second half only. He tells, “we actually flew over the ground and missed the first half, but I got there at the start of the second half.”

4. Once Aston Villa was more successful than the Manchester United 


Don’t frown, its true. Before Alex Ferguson took over the reins of the Red Devils, Aston Villa was a more successful club. When Ferguson was appointed at Manchester United in 1986, Villa had already won 7 league titles and FA Cups, one European Cup and three League Cups. Meanwhile, the Red Devils had a European Cup, a Cup Winners Cup and six FA Cups. It is no wonder, that even in football odds, Villa was a preferred team.

5. Alvin Martin once scored a hat-trick against three different goalkeepers

It was during 1986, Martin was playing for West Ham against Newcastle. The defender’s first goal was against Martin Thomas who was the actual goalkeeper for the opponents. However, he was forced off due to an injury. Chris Hedworth replaced him and was struck by another of Martin’s goal. Interestingly he also injured himself trying to save the goal, which made way for Peter Beardsley to defend the goal. Rest is history, Hammers won that game with 8-1.

6. László Kubala is the one soccer player to play for three different countries 

Kubala is a Barcelona icon who was born in Budapest to parents of Czech origin. In his career, he has played for Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Spain, which is an unbroken record. Another player Alfredo Di Stefano, the former Real Madrid striker has also played Spain, Argentina and Colombia. However, he played for Columbia at a time when the country was not officially recognized by FIFA.

7. Giuseppe Bergomi never appeared in any qualifiers although he has played in four World Cups

The Inter defender has entered into 1982, 1986, 1990 and 1998 World Cups playing for Italy but without making it to any qualifiers. It is interesting how he was the last addition to the team in 1982, while in 1986 the team has qualified as the holders and in 1990 Italy hosted the World Cup. At the age of 34, Bergomi was a surprising last moment call for the 1998 World Cup.

8. Pittodrie roughly translates to ‘Hill of Dung’

In Gaelic, the home of Aberdeen, Pittodrie translates to a heap of dung which is a polite way to put it. However, over the years, fans have grown to take delight in the fact.

9. Jimmy Rimmer is the only football player to win European Cup winners’ medals with two different English clubs

He won the medal in 1968 playing for the Manchester United and in 1982 while starting for Aston Villa.

10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic never won a trophy himself even after winning Champions League with six different clubs 

Ajax, Barcelona, Inter, Juventus, Milan and presently Manchester United, Ibrahimovic has played all these clubs but never lifted a trophy himself.