Try These 3 Famous Indian Breads At Your Home Now!

  • 3 years   ago

We all like to go out once a while to a fancy restaurant for some quality food and time. We all know our country is famous for its food and spices and the aroma in the food. Even though it comes out to be a little too spicy we are in for it and when it comes to Indian cuisine, we Indians can ditch the pasta but not the butter chicken or when it comes to choose between a taco and pav-bhaji, trust me the decision is not that difficult to make.

And probably, this is one of the reasons why many of us actually prefer food from dhabas. We all have had at least one chance to eat at a dhaba and have food in full desi-style!
Now, it is a well-known fact that India has a lot of vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians, and lucky for us that we have a huge menu to satisfy hunger cravings for both. So, no one has to worry as you could go and choose from a list of vegetarian and non-vegetarian as you may like. But, the ultimate question is what to eat with it.

One could happily opt for rice or any kind of Indian bread. For most of us Indian bread becomes a better option and so in today’s article I would be telling you about the three main types of Indian breads that are very famous and are in the menus of all the dhabas around our country:

1.    Tandoori roti- it is kind of flat bread that uses wheat flour. It comes out to be nice and soft and is very stomach filling. Now there are different types of stuffed tandoori rotis also available that uses stuffing like coriander, onion etc and tastes great! This is generally made in the over or as we Indians call it tandoor and is an ideal option for most of us.

2.    Naan- this is another kind of flat bread that is very popular amongst people when it comes to going along with a dish. The tandoori roti and naan are almost similar to each other. They both are made in the oven and also come in different types like stuffed naan, garlic naan, butter naan etc. But the main difference between the two is actually that naan uses all-purpose flour andyeast in its preparation.

3.    Roomali roti- roomal as we all know means handkerchief. The roomali roti is yet another famous Indian bread that is literally as thin as a handkerchief and thus the name. And the main ingredient for it is both wheat flour as well as all-purpose flour. This too is very enjoyable when it comes to tandoori dishes.

And the good news is now you could make these at home too. The internet is definitely your friend here. You could find tandoori roti recipe in hindi or English as per your preference. Also, try out the other famous Indian breads and surprise your family.