Top 6 Foods You Must Try While Staying In Qatar

  • 12 months   ago


While I was traveling in Qatar by car that I rented with the help of deal code, I encountered some of the locals. After getting to know my purpose of coming to this country, they offered me a hearty dinner invitation. Here I came across the Kebabs of Qatar.



There are different types of Kebabs available in Qatar and people here are much fond of eating them. Different types of bread are often served with the kebabs. The thing which surprised me the most in Qatar is the cheaper rates of the kebab. Although I was on an invitation, the rates astonished me the most.   


This is another lamb dish that I encountered while dining in a restaurant. With the help of the Noon Promo Code, I was able to taste this amazing dish at a very low price. Lamb meat is prepared with a local technique known as Loomis. Loomi would consist of ripe and dried limes and salt water.  


After processing the lamb meat with Loomis, the meat is cooked along with rice and tomatoes into the stew. The Matchbous also spelled as Machboos is very famous in Qatar. Other countries lying in the same area also make this dish. However, the techniques might differ prominently. If you like things spicy, you can choose to have a salsa dip along with this dish.

Umm Ali

I always wanted to taste the desserts of the Gulf countries. So, while on a visit to Qatar, I could not resist myself from tasting the Umm Ali. The origination of this dessert is in Egypt. This dish is prominently famous in Qatar as well as all other Arabian countries. Sheets are generally made by milk and the dessert is made with that. Many restaurants along Doha serve the Umm Ali garnishing it with raisins and nuts. 


These are some of the foods that I was able to encounter during my memorable stay in Qatar. Due to the lack of time, I was unable to try out several other dishes found in the country. However, a short stay in Qatar very happening and well enriched with golden memories. Truly, it is one of the most beautiful countries situated in the Gulf region.