Top 5 Palatable Desserts in Qatar

  • 4 days   ago
Delighted to explore and enrich your taste buds by trying different desserts in Qatar? 
Want to know more about the palatable desserts available in this Middle eastern region? 
If the answer is “absolutely yes”, then you have certainly come to the right page. 
Let us introduce you to some of the most amazing and mouth-watering desserts in the country that offers you with great tastes.
1. Bakhlava
Amazing as it sounds, these traditional desserts do come with layers of filo pastry that is filled with chopped nuts, hazelnuts or pistachios. 
These different layers of the pastry hold together with honey or sweet syrup. 
Baklava comes with a flaky texture with a crisp outer layering and comes in different sizes and shapes like parallelograms, diamonds, triangles or rectangles.
The dessert was originated from the Ottoman Empire and is available in various countries of the Central and Southwest Asia region and the Middle Eastern region.
2. Basboussa
Are you a person who craves eating more cake for dessert after a heavy meal?
Then Basboussa can’t be a lesser perfect option for you as this is unique dessert that’s available across the region. 
Very well-known in the Middle East and the gulf, this cake-type dessert is a sweet dish that is created using the semolina soaked overnight in either a syrup or rose water.
Widely served in Egypt and Qatar, the dessert is garnished with coconut at times to develop the flavour of the dish and is topped with dry fruits like almonds and walnuts. 
3. Luqaimat
Luqaimat, a Qatari renowned dessert is a deep-fried pastry balls dipped in either sugar syrup or honey. 
After the delectable dish is prepared, the dessert is then sprinkled with seeds or any other dry fruit garnishing. 
The palatable taste of this dessert is assured to give all the cravings and offers you with some amazing mouth-watering experience.
 The dessert from inside is vert soft with crunchy exteriors and is mostly had during the time of Ramadan after breaking the fast.
4. Kunafa
Qatar’s yet another best sweet that one should try for a delicious treat is the Kunafa. 
The dish is baked from pastry and cheese which is soaked and then filled with pistachios or nuts. 
The dessert originates from the Ottoman Empire, and is really popular in Lebanon and also in Qatar where it comes in three different forms which are na’ama, khishnah and muhayra.
Each of the desserts has its own uniqueness and taste heavenly when it comes to tasting them.
5. Rez b Haleeb
Rez b Haleeb, one of the most luscious sweet in Qatar is a rice type pudding that is made out of sugar, rice and milk.
During the holy month of Ramadan, the dessert is usually preferred and eaten by Muslims after the Suhoor.
As its one of the appetizing good dessert, it can be served both cold and hot as it gives a enriches your taste buds. 
The dessert that was originated in Lebanon and also referred to as the Lebanese rice pudding is also a selective dessert for breakfast. 
Already mouth-watered? Explore and try these top palatable desserts that serves the best in Qatar.