Tips to bake a perfect cake

  • 3 years   ago
Tips to bake a perfect cake

Cake is literally what a sinful bite of delight means. The best part is, though it is a dessert, one can easily gorge on a cake at any time of the day. This is a sweet escape that you can take any time or whenever you are feeling low as this can work like magic as an instant mood lifter. There are a lot of delicious cake recipes that one can try at home.

You might get to see a lot of people baking some exquisite cakes at home, but when you are thinking of starting it, you get to have some basic things right. Baking a cake is definitely an art, and one has to master it. You have to start simple as it is safe, and once you get full confidence in it, you can go for baking complex cake recipes.

So, when you are trying your hand in baking, try to go for the basic cake recipes first. But there are many basic cake recipes which are delicious to taste. So, if you are ready to bake, you just need to keep in mind some essential things. One they set in your mind, you are ready to bake. Here the basic tips to bake a lovely cake.


•    The ingredients that you take and are needed have to be mixed in the right proportion.

•    When you are using baking powder (you have to use it while baking a cake), you have to be very careful about the measurement.

•    The margarine or the butter that you choose to bake the cake has to be a high fat content one. In fact, it is good if it contains more than 75 percent of fat.

•    The butter that you use has to be in room temperature, and there should be a consistency in water.

•    You should not fret at the last moment. If you decide to bake, keep your ingredients handy and ready.

•    The main thing about baking a cake is the precision. You have to weigh your ingredients properly and be strict about the proportions mentioned in the recipe and also the baking time has to be followed accurately.

•    When you are mixing the ingredients, you need to allow the mixture to get some air. Check the temperature of the baking oven with a thermometer. Guess work will not work here.

•    When you are using eggs, do not pour them in the mixture by taking it out straight from the refrigerator. It should be at room temperature.

•    When you are buttering the pan, try to do it evenly with a pastry brush.

•    To know whether the cake has been baked properly, try to insert a tooth pick into it. Also once the baking is done, let you cake cool down properly before you go for toppings or anything else.

If your kids love Dora cake, or any other cartoon characterand you want to bake for them, then do keep these tips in mind while baking. This will help you bake it perfectly.