The Perfect One Cup: Serving Size Keurig Coffee Maker

  • 4 years   ago

The whole day hectic is the one thing that everyone wants to be disappearing fast. After the one cup of coffee, the mind refreshes and the body feels relaxed. Making the coffee best for the refreshing, it takes a lot of time. First, it needs to grind and brew it till it produces a delicious brew. But nowadays it becomes a task completed before coming to the mind. With the help of a coffee machine, it becomes very easy.

Coffee and tea is the beverage that every Indian loves. The coffee machine not only is seen in houses but now it is common in multi-billion or companies. The home brewer’s demand is increasing day by day as people love having coffee after the busy day. For any get together, or when it is breakfast, lunch and dinner, even late in the evening a cup of coffee works as a power booster.

Many options are available in the market as Single Cup Coffee Makers and Keurig is one of the very reputed brand in the category. Again, there are numerous options by the brand and which is the Best Keurig is not that easy to identify, if you don't know much about these. However, onne major factor to consider while choosing a coffee maker is the serving size, and the size available by Keurig are:

• 6oz- it is about a normal sized coffee mug. Here the coffee brewed is not to fill the whole cup. Space is left for the cream and sugar in your coffee. This is favorable setting if you want coffee with cream.
• 8oz- here the normal sized coffee mug is filled at the top. The coffee here is strong as it is without cream and sugar.
• 10oz- this serving size overflows the normal coffee mug. This is for the coffee lovers those who don’t like the extremely robust coffee. Here the drinker has the strong flavor. But if compared with the above settings it is noticeably less strong.
• 12oz- this is for the travel mug or the largely sized coffee mugs. Whenever you plan for a coffee maker you must be aware of the serving size of it.

When we talk about coffee each and every one of us has the different taste. Keurig brand is not popular because it brews tasty coffee for you but it has the different serving types of coffee like cocoa, coffee with some added flavor with them. K-cups are there for measured ingredients like cocoa, tea or coffee. They are chosen because of their stylish look also. Having coffee is one thing but having fresh brew coffee is what everyone wants.

Going outside for the coffee doesn’t relax your body but having a coffee maker helps you to prepare the fresh and quick coffee at home. That relaxes your mind and body to get started again. Next time when you think of your own coffee maker then Keurig is the best option.