Some delicious recipes that you can make with roti

  • 5 months   ago
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Rotis are abundantly available in every Indian kitchen. You may not treat roti as very important, but do you know that their absence can be terrible at your dinner table? Several ways can make your roti delicious. Here are some of the ways that can give you amusing and delicious plates for your next snack time.


Chapati chips

You can use rotis for making some healthy, crispy chips. Such chips with a yogurt dip will make you decide to make this recipe every day. 


Recipe for chapati chips: Put some flour in a large bowl. Mix some salt and water and use your hands to get it mixed well. You need to do this until you have a soft dough. Cover the dough with a cloth and set it aside. After some time, make some roughly sized golf balls from the dough. Now roll these pieces in your hand until they are round. 



After that, use your Rotimatic device to roll your dough disks made from flour. Place a hot pan and let the rotis cook for about 30-40 seconds. Now you will see the surface begin to bubble and then use a spatula to flip it over and let it cook for some more time. Now your rotis are ready. 


This is the time to preheat the oven to 375 degrees and get out a cookie sheet. One by one, brush some olive oil over the rotis and sprinkle some Indian spices and seasonings. Now cut them into wedges and arrange it in a single layer on your cookie sheet. Bake it for at least eight minutes or wait until it gets brown colored and get crispy. Get these out from the oven and let it be cool. Now serve it with some Greek yogurt or mayonnaise. 



This is the time to go Mexican with your rotis. Now enjoy a plate of a fully-loaded cheesy dish that is made with the leftover rotis in your home. 


Recipe for Quesadilla: Take some leftover rotis on a plate and then brush it on both sides with olive oil. Place some vegetables in the middle of the roti and spread some cheese over there. Fold it and cut it into a triangle shape. After that, bake it in the microwave until the cheese has melted. Take it out from the microwave and let it be cool. Serve it to your family members with your favorite chutney. 


Roti chiwda

This is an amazing Gujarati snack that can be enjoyed with tea. Such a wonderfully tasty and easy recipe you will want to make every day. Not only this is delicious, but also these are tasty and healthy because these are made of your nutritious whole wheat chapatis.


Recipe for roti chiwda: This quick and easy recipe requires bare minimum ingredients. You can find several ways to make this tasty snack. The Maharashtrian people make this recipe by tempering roti in curry leaves with some peanuts and onions. But the delicious and amazing Gujrati recipe is here. 


Take some rotis for this recipe. You can easily make these rotis in your Rotimatic device. Cut these rotis into equal-sized pieces. Now place a pan to heat oil there. Add some cumin and mustard seeds into the hot oil. When the seeds will start to crack add some turmeric powder. Now put the roti prices into this turmeric oil and give a quick stir. Mix these rotis with the oil so that it can be coated with turmeric. Add some salt to these rotis. 

Stir it occasionally until it gets crispy. Now your stir-fried roti is ready and serves it in the evening with a cup of masala tea.

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Roti cutlet

Crispy snacks are always welcome in the kitchen, and these are most welcome when these are healthy too. Do you know you can make some delicious cutlets with some leftover rotis by following this recipe?


Recipe for roti cutlet: You can easily make roti cutlets at your home for your kids. To make this tasty recipe, you need some leftover rotis, tortilla or parathas. You can also use here fresh Rotis. Make some fresh rotis in your Rotimatic device.  Break these rotis in some small pieces and grind them to the grainy mixture. You can use here some carrots, spinach, beans, capsicum, cabbage, or what your kids love to eat. You need to finely chop the vegetables so that they can get together with other ingredients. Add all these ingredients together and give it a shape you like. Fry them in a little oil. To make it more crispy, you can add some semolina there. Serve this crispy roti cutlet with your favorite dip. 


These all are the recipes that you can make with Rotis easily at your home. So try these recipes and make your snack time unforgettable. For more recipes with roti you can follow this facebook page.