Places in Qatar With Gluten Free Dining Options

  • 12 months   ago
Places in Qatar With Gluten Free Dining Options

Dining out in Qatar when you are without gluten can be a minefield. Be that as it may, fortunately cafés and bistros in Qatar are at last beginning to oblige uncommon weight control plans like the individuals who are sans gluten just as sustenance prejudices. This isn't extraordinary for the individuals who already have been left scrambling, it additionally bodes well. 

While I am fortunate not to need to manage any significant sensitivities (as a nourishment blogger this is a gift!), this post is in light of numerous solicitations from perusers who needed to realize what their gluten free alternatives were. It was an edifying knowledge for me – being without gluten isn't just about removing wheat. Numerous sauces and added substances contain gluten, kitchens are overflowing with flour and other gluten subordinates. It's EVERYWHERE individuals! likewise, explicitly sans gluten items can be costly. 

Be that as it may, these nine places in Qatar – cafés, bistros, grocery stores and the sky is the limit from there – all offer incredible gluten free choices or items either on the menu or in response to popular demand. 


1. Lulu Hypermarkets 

Not an eatery or a bistro, yet the Lulu chain (which becomes greater week by week – another store on B Ring street simply opened and another off D Ring is in progress!), has one of the greatest gluten free ranges in the city – several things on the racks. 

Their Messila store specifically is very much supplied with items from gluten free flour to pastas and the sky is the limit from there. Look at their racks for the "Free From" signs for a scope of globally perceived brands – with numerous gluten free. 

2. CUT by Wolfgang Puck 

Not just has this café got some genuine foodie creds, the group has likewise assembled a notoriety for offering imaginative and delicious sustenance for a scope of various eating regimens advertisement is maybe the go to put for gluten free feasting in Qatar. This is a steakhouse so the barbecues and steaks are dependably a champ, yet advise the group about your inclination and they will get something ready. Totally help yourself out and request the wild mushroom soup bested with toasted almonds (this can likewise be made veggie lover). 

3. Bistro 999 

Being spot on Al Bidda Park and with sufficient open air seating, this spot has an extraordinary area and vibe. Be that as it may, it likewise has some gluten free choices (and some vegetarian ones also!) on the menu. Look at their morning meal things – shakshouka (hold the bread – or even better, offer it to me!) just as their Spanish tortilla – just as their servings of mixed greens for a snappy lunch with a view. 

4. Q Lounge at Anantara 

Take yourself on a little smaller than expected occasion far from Doha to Banana Island and to the very misjudged Q Lounge. While the menu traverses Indian, Arabic and global cooking styles (their blended flame broil is outstanding just like their margarine chicken) they value obliging unique weight control plans and gluten free burger joints. Call ahead or ask the group on the day what should be possible past the menu. 

5. La Spiga 

This was somewhat of a disclosure, I had constantly accepted an Italian eatery would be gluten overwhelming. Be that as it may, disgrace on me, they have numerous gluten free choices, for example, their Melanzane (eggplant) with mozzarella, hamburger carpaccio and a significant number of their fundamental courses including their firm simmered spring chicken. Their sister eatery, Paper Moon on Airport Road is correspondingly pleasing (and has a stunning porch – so reward!). Exceptional note – there is additionally a unique menu at Market Doha for those with sensitivities or on extraordinary weight control plans. They have adjusted their prominent chicken formula to be covered in cauliflower just as different dishes. 

6. Pool Grill at Four Seasons Doha 


The global breakfast menu here is a gluten free star with quinoa porridge, poached eggs with yogurt and hot smoked salmon. 

Heading into lunch and supper likewise offers some dynamite alternatives like a natural quinoa and burned fish serving of mixed greens with velvety goat cheddar and beetroot and a portobello mushroom and mozzarella wrap. Gluten free things are unmistakably checked n the menu and you can likewise ask the group. 

Gluten free eating in Qatar 

7. Carluccios 

Italian again yes and another family-accommodating group pleaser. I was astounded to discover that they have a couple of alternatives in gluten free pasta accessible on solicitation. For mains look at the flame broiled salmon and sheep slashes. Their morning meal menu can likewise be customized to discard bread – I'm a major devotee of their omelets! 

8. Aff's Healthy Kitchen/Go Nuts Qatar 

The stunning Aff not exclusively completes a mean line of nut spreads and some keto top picks, she likewise is a quite convenient dough puncher of the gluten free assortment. Her items incorporate super seed flourless bread, keto coconut flour bread, trail blend and obviously those spreads. Get in touch with her on Instagram (interface in the feature) or through her Facebook page. 

9. Nandos Qatar 

Another pocket neighborly alternative and Nandos likewise offer a scope of things to cover those with prejudices or exceptional weight control plans. Their sauces are without gluten just like their sides and truly, obviously their well known chicken. as a matter of fact the principle things to avoid are the burgers and wraps. Crisp and delightful and the quality is in every case top notch and a most loved of grown-ups and kids alike. 

Exceptional notices 

There are a scope of outlets that will do gluten free things to arrange or by unique solicitation. Bateel Bakery can give gluten free bread. the Cheesecake Factory (as you most likely are aware I am a fan) additionally offers some gluten free alternatives – yet best to ask first. Evergreen Organics is, as dependably a tremendous choice for gluten free eating. the Indian Cookery Club runs some brilliant cooking classes and offers a gluten free class for those needing to have a go at something at home. 

this rundown is in no way, shape or form extensive – its an endeavor to offer some innovative and intriguing gluten free eating choices in Qatar. On the off chance that you have more – if it's not too much trouble notice in the remarks!