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They say, an apple a day 

keeps the doctor away.

I say, A kunafa a day

keeps all the stress and worries awayy!


You know what, after reading this article, all of you are gonna say, this article was very sweet...Because this is about KUNAFA...I know, I know...your mouth has started watering just by imagining the aroma and taste of it. 

Kunafa is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup, and typically layered with cheese and nuts. The dressing and garnishing varies according to the region. 

We live in a world where we want the best of everything. Just like that, we want to have the best of our favourite dessert too. There are many places all around Qatar which make such delicious Kunafa, that you won't find anywhere else in the world. But when the word "best" comes up, all the minds speak in unison - Al-Aker. Al-Aker mainly deals with the sweets and desserts and they have branches all over the country. The chefs and owners ship their ingredients directly from Nablus and work their magic on them to make the best kunafa you'll ever get to taste! Al-Aker has a nice ambience, friendly staff, excellent service and the place smells like heaven. The sweets there look so delectable that makes you want to eat all of them at once. According to the locals and tourists, Al-Aker has the best kunafa they have ever tasted. Maybe it's their ingredients or the love, care and affection with which they make the sweet, it adds a whole new flavour to the existing ones and makes it impossible for the people to stop themselves from having more. 

The tourist praise the dish by saying that they can actually taste it whenever they think about it. But that's the beauty and traditionality of Kunafa - It leaves you WANTING FOR MORE