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Filipino means being a part of a wonderful culture. A culture filled with amazing foods and beautiful languages. And cultural food... That's what we Qataris love to have, don't we? So it's time for some Filipino!

With the arrival of many Filipino people in Qatar, the number of Filipino restaurants have greatly increased in the country. That means your favourite Filipino food is just literally around the corner!

With the magical existence of Max's Restaurant, Barrio Fiesta, Gerry's Grill and our little coffee shop, Bo's Coffee, it's very deliciously possible to have Filipino food any time you want.

MAX'S RESTAURANT - Two branches in Doha. One of the top choices for birthday parties and other celebratory occasions because of it's unbelievably delicious food which includes grilled dishes, sizzlers, sea food, Adobo, Sisig, Tokwa's Baka, Chicken BBQ, Beef ribs Humba...oh the list is endless. In short, it's gonna make it to you "Favourite restaurant list" very soon.

BARRIO FIESTA- One of the best things about this place is that IT'S OPEN 24 HOURS! You can literally have anything at any time of the day! They also offered "Iftar Buffet" during Ramdaan which was a really beautiful gesture. They are best known for their buffet meals, sea food, noodles, fish, appetizers and more.


GERRY'S GRILL- Some of the best sellers are inihaw na pusit, crispy mutton, sizzling beef sisig, beef kare-kare, inihaw na manok.
The affordable prices here make it friendly for get-togethers and other party occasions.

BO'S COFFEE-  It is a branch of the coffee shop originally situated in Cebu City, Philippines. They serve tea, coffee, pastries, juices and breads which are so rich in flavour that they just melt in your mouth.
So now you know where you're gonna have your next birthday party!