How to Grow Tomatoes At Home

  • 3 months   ago

Not only do you save money by growing tomatoes at home, but you also get the reward of plucking perfectly ripe fruits from the vine.

Unlike their supermarket counterparts, vine-ripened tomatoes have sweet, juicy flesh that contributes unmistakable depth of flavor to any salad, pasta, or BLT.

With a few tips for planting tomato seedlings, you'll be on your way to a tomato bonanza.




Growing tomatoes at home is as simple as these steps:

1. Find a sunny spot. Tomato plants thrive in six to eight hours of daily sunshine.

2. Consider climate, size, and cooking use. 

3. Plant young seedlings deeply in nutrient-rich soil. 

4. Water only as needed. 

5. Provide support as the plant grows. 

6. Enjoy the harvest.

Here's a video on growing tomatoes indoors:

Source: Yahoo News